10 Tips for Health this Holiday Season

10 Tips for Health this Holiday Season

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We know that the holiday season can be a tough time to stay on track with your health goals. Between office parties and family gatherings, there are so many opportunities to indulge in holiday treats. The key to staying on track with your health this winter is to focus on the things that you can control. Use these 10 tips to help you stay on track.

1. Rest

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your overall health. Studies have shown that those who get less than 6.5 hours of sleep a night have a higher percentage of body fat. When you are sleeping, your body is not only repairing and rebuilding your muscles after a tough workout, it is also decreasing the stress hormones in your body. More sleep means less over-eating due to stress.

2. Limit Alcohol

This is a tough one for many people, but the truth is that you might be drinking more calories than you know. Here is a breakdown of the calories in some holiday drinks:

Wine (5oz) – 125 calories
Eggnog (1 cup) – 224 calories
Dessert Wine (3.5oz) – 123 calories
Beer (12oz) – 153 calories
80-Proof Spirits (1.5oz) – 97 calories

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3. Fill Your Plate with Veggies

This is especially useful for those holiday buffets. When you get to the front of the line, start by filling half or more of your plate with vegetables. This will leave less space for the more unhealthy portions of the meal.

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4.Eat a Healthy Snack Before the Party

Grabbing a serving of fruit, vegetables or nuts before you head out to a party will help you feel full before arriving. Listen to your body and make sure that you are only eating when you are hungry.

5. Keep Healthy Snacks at the Office

Office treats can be common any time of the year, but there is a significant increase around the holidays. By keeping healthy snacking choices at your desk, you can avoid the temptation of cookies or other sugary office treats.

6. Say “No thank you.”

It’s O.K. to say no to when you are offered an unhealthy snack, even if it is homemade. Don’t feel as if you have to eat everything that you are offered. You have goals you want to meet and it’s O.K. if that doesn’t include eating your co-worker’s gingerbread.

One Life Kelowna - Avoiding Holiday Treats7. Be Strategic

Have a game plan for a party in your head before you get there. Know what you are going to bring so there is a guaranteed healthy option for you to enjoy.

8. Focus on Socializing

Turn the focus of holiday parties away from the food and drinks and onto the social aspect. This is a great time of year to catch up with family, friends and co-workers. Make your holiday parties about re-connecting with people in your life instead of the indulgences.

9. Choose Your Cheat

If you choose your treat ahead of time, it will make it easier to resist the other temptations that cross your path. Pick what you want and when you will eat it. That way you can say no to the other treats, knowing that you are looking forward to your treat of choice.

10. Keep Your Exercise Routine

It’s important to still find time for your exercise routine. By staying in the habit of exercising you will help to control any weight gain possibilities. It will also make it so much easier to ramp it up in the new year.

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