Back Exercises for Women and Men at OneLife

Back Exercises for Women and Men at OneLife

Chest Fly | Back Exercises for Women and Men at OneLife Health & Wellness | Kelowna

At OneLife Health & Wellness, we help people of all ages, shapes, and sizes to realize their health and fitness goals and to embrace fitness as a life-long lifestyle. In today’s world, most of us are spending 8+ hours sitting at our desksTaking breaks throughout the day to do a few back exercises for women and men will improve your posture, quality of life, and relieve back pain from being immobile for so many hours.  

At OneLife, your fitness trainer in Kelowna can help combat hunch shoulders, poor posture, weak muscles and chronic back pain with specific training routines and back exercises for women and men. The best ways to combat the closing up of our bodies from sitting or being generally inactive for most of the day is combining regular one on one fitness workouts with daily back exercises for women and men throughout your day. Here are our recommended back exercises for women and men.  

Incorporating Back Exercises for Women and Men into Your Workout 

Regular one on one fitness training can have life-changing effects. Since our bodies are slowly closing up and causing more back and neck problems than ever before, it’s important to make lifestyle changes to combat this. Our Kelowna gym wants to help you make the necessary life changes. Not only do most of us spend our days sitting at a desk, but the increased use of smartphones has also created an entirely new condition called “text neck”. Being hunched over your phone day and night has caused rounding of the shoulders and upper back. 

HardCORE One on One Fitness  

Working your core during regular one on one fitness sequences is the key to building stability and strength, and reducing back pain. This is the foundation of a strong body. Once your core muscle groups are accustomed to being utilized, you will notice huge improvements in your balance and your posture. If you want to see the results of all those back exercises for women and men, working on your core will strengthening the muscles necessary to maintain good posture. 

Sexy Back 

Justin Timberlake was certainly ahead of the curve with bringing sexy back. Focusing on your back is the key to better posture. By incorporating back exercises, such as bent over row, the seated cable row, lat pull-downskettlebell swings, and deadlifts into your workoutyour weak back muscles will improve, so your desk-hunch will become less pronounced. 

Deadlifts, for instance, are a fantastic exercise to strengthen your posterior chain of muscles. Your hamstrings, glutes and spinal erector are all part of this chain. By working the back of the body, it helps to strengthen and open your body. When you combine this with regular back exercises for women and men, you  

For proper form, position your feet around shoulder-width apart and lower your body, hinging your hips backward. Drive up through your heels, keeping the bar tight to your body. Check out the following step-by-step to ensure that you are doing the exercise properly. You’ll love this total-body strength building exercise! 

Bent Over Row | Back Exercises for Women and Men at OneLife Health & Wellness | Kelowna

Back Exercises for Women and Men 

Considering the amount of time most of us sit at desks, regular one on one fitness training is only part of the equation. Once you’ve built the muscles, taking regular posture correcting breaks and incorporating a few back exercises for women and men will make all the difference.  

If you have space, exercises such as cat-cowbird dog, or lunges are perfect for a mid-day break. Picking up a resistance band is another great way to add some back exercises for women and men into your day. We recommend doing a few reps of the resistance band chest fly, chest press, or pull-apart 

The resistance band chest fly and chest press are similar but work slightly different back muscles. For the chest fly, secure the band behind you, grab onto each end, hold your arms straight out in a T with palms facing forward. Stagger your stance, then slowly pull the band until your hands meet in front of your body with straight arms and a slight bend in the elbows. Repeat. With the chest press, position yourself in the same stance, with the band secured behind you. Grab onto each end, hold your arms straight out to the side, elbows bent at 90 degrees, palms facing forward and slowly press forward to straighten your arms until your hands meet in front of your body. Repeat.  

For the resistance band pull-apart, keep the same staggered stance with your torso upright and leaning slightly forward. Then grab onto the ends of the band extend your arms toward the ceiling at a slight diagonal. Slowly pull your hands down and out to shoulder height. Hold and squeeze your back and shoulder blades tight. Keep your core tight, back flat, and chest lifted.  

Working with a personal trainer ensures proper form, maximizes results, keeps you motivated, and on track for reaching your personal fitness goals. Your Kelowna gym is dedicated to helping you enjoy the results you crave. Kelowna personal trainers are not all the same.  

For tailored fitness plans, personalized back exercises for women and men, and help with proper form, join our private gym in Kelowna today! 

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