Sexy Back: The Best Back Exercises for Women in Kelowna

Sexy Back: The Best Back Exercises for Women in Kelowna

Kelowna Personal Trainer Gym Back Exercises

Hey Kelowna, it’s that time again! Even though we are not free from snow, it is time to start thinking about the upcoming tank-top/bathing suit/bridal season that is just around the corner. One Life Fitness on Spedding Court in Kelowna wants to help you get your sexy back…(pardon the pun!) We can help you tone up you Trapezius and rock your Rhomboid muscles like never before! If you are tired of sneaky “back fat” trying to steal all of the attention behind you… worry not! Your favourite Kelowna gym has some wickedly fun training routines to enjoy!

Improve Your Posture with Kelowna Personal Trainers

After a long winter of hibernating, it can be easy to fall into a slouchy, sleepy routine. Celebrate the longer daylight and wearing less layers by implementing some posture building exercises into your workout schedule. You will be toning your back and reducing back pain at the same time once specific muscle groups become stronger and suppler. Resistance bands, dumbbells, a stability ball and even your foam roller may become your new favourite workout essentials. Emanate more confidence and become an advocate for your own health by improving your posture.

Kelowna Personal Trainer Gym Back Exercises Build Strength

Balanced Symmetry, Sexy Physique

You don’t have to be a fitness competitor to enjoy the benefits of working your back muscles on a regular basis. Our Kelowna personal trainers are happy to help ensure your pull down technique is safe and secure. Starting out with the right amount of weight and repetitions doesn’t have to be a mystery. Join our experienced and friendly team for personal fitness training or group fitness training to customize a back plan to suit your specific needs.

Kelowna Personal Trainer Gym Back Exercises Build Muscle

Bye-Bye Bra Bulge!

While many people are convinced that “more cardio” will solve all of their issues…this is simply not the case. Specifically training certain muscle groups and their supporting tissues will help you get the results you crave. Dust off those cute strapless tops now as inspiration for what you will be wearing once the weather warms up! T Raises with dumbbells and deltoid exercises can help you streamline you into a svelte masterpiece. Enjoy trying a twist on your traditional plank by extending one arm out to the side at a time or holding the pushup position throughout your day.

Book Your Fitness Consultation at One Life Fitness Today!

Our Kelowna gym is here to help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals. Enjoy our relaxed atmosphere and the professional advice our experienced crew of fitness trainers is happy to provide. Book your fitness consultation with us and discover a custom work out solution that will improve your energy, your mental health and your physique! We’ll have you loving your lats in no time and eager to show them off with on your favourite Okanagan beaches. Enhancing your back workout routine now while it is still chilly outside will give you ample time to create the sexy back you desire. We look forward to sweating it out alongside you soon!

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