Kelowna Personal Trainers Share Weight Training Exercises To Relieve Back Pain

Kelowna Personal Trainers Share Weight Training Exercises To Relieve Back Pain

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Back pain is one of the most common chronic pain, which can range from dull discomfort to intense pain. Our personal fitness trainers at OneLife in Kelowna have experienced a wide variety of clients with minor to severe back aches or chronic back conditions. There are several reasons our clients experience back pain, but studies show weight training exercises can reduce or even prevent back pain.

Our Kelowna personal trainers always strive to implement and customize specific workout programs for individual clients. Since back pain is a common concern, our personal trainers have shared their top weight training exercises to help reduce back pain.

  • Exercise ball
  • Lunge to hip extension
  • Abdominal exercises
  • Deadlifts

Exercise ball

When we stretch and strengthen those muscles, our back will feel the relief and benefits. A lot of these muscles can be accessed by using the exercise ball. If you suffer from back pain, having the correct form is absolutely essential. Even if you don’t currently suffer from back pain, you might cause pain by doing them incorrectly.

For a variety of exercises that can target the right muscles in your body read Commonly Prescribed Exercise Ball Workouts for Back Pain. When you pair these exercises with a trained personal fitness coach, you will get the maximum benefit and pain relief. Our fitness coaches can tailor these exercises to your needs and help you set achievable goals as you progress.

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Lunge to Hip Extension

A strong and healthy back can’t be achieved without strengthening and stretching other essential parts of your body. Since everything is connected, strong legs and hips will relieve some of your back tension.

Lunge to hip extensions can be done with or without weights. Perfecting your form before adding weights will ensure the best results. There are a number of factors to keep in mind, such as keeping your knee behind your ankle all while staying balanced. Our fitness trainers will work with you to ensure you’ve got the right form and getting the maximum benefits from your workout.

Abdominal exercises

People often assume abdominal exercises mean doing tons of crunches or situps purely for six pack abs. In reality, abdominal exercises are an excellent way to achieve spinal stability. It’s important to maintain a neutral lumbar spine when you’re retraining and strengthening your Transversus Abdominis (TVA). There are a number of great abdominal exercises that can be performed on your back or against the wall. Kelowna’s One Life fitness trainers can customize abdominal exercises to best suit your needs and effectively relieve your back pain.

Deadlifts at One Life

Deadlifts are one of the best exercises for strengthening your entire body. Done properly, deadlifts can relieve chronic back pain, but incorrect form can be counterproductive. There are two types of deadlifts; a regular deadlift with slightly bent knees and a stiff-legged deadlift. It’s essential that your form is correct while deadlifting. Rounding your back, using your back to lift or holding the bar too far from your body are just a few mistakes that can increase your back pain.

One Life Fitness is dedicated to reducing our clients back pain and setting achievable goals. Our team of trainers will ensure your form is correct and help you find the right weights for maximum success.

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Reducing back pain requires more than just targeting and strengthening your back. For the best results, contact one of our trained and experienced instructors for a customized full body fitness program. Our workout programs will properly strengthen and stretch specific areas of your back to improve your flexibility, fitness and reduce your back pain. One Life personal fitness trainers are dedicated to helping you achieve your healthiest and happiest self. Stop by today to view our facility, speak with our professional staff and book a personal fitness consultation.

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