The Benefits of Combo Workouts

The Benefits of Combo Workouts

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Double the workout, but absolutely no rest in between… Sounds a little intimidating, right? Well, we’re telling you not to worry, because it’s not as indimidating as you might think. What we’re bringing up today is the wonderful technique of combo workouts; meaning back to back exercises with no rest until you move to the next set. Your workout won’t be longer, in fact, it might end up shorter with the time you save by using combo movements; however, it’s guaranteed to give you the same burn that you crave after every workout.

So, why are combo workouts so effective? Let’s find out:

How it Works

The basics of a combo workout consist of performing a series of 2+ exercises back to back with no rest in between. Think bicep curls followed by tricep curls back to back, and then you have the choice of performing them in either a vertical or horizontal training style. What’s the difference between vertical and horizontal training methods? Vertical training is when one set, of every different combo, is performed before returning to your starting combo exercise a second time (like a circuit). Horizontal training involves performing all your sets of one combo before moving onto the next (ie. fatigue your current muscles before moving to a different group). If you’ve ever worked with us at One Life, you’re probably familiar with these techniques, because- we love them.

Why it Works

Combo workouts can be quite demanding due to the lack of rest, but the benefits of why they work are phenomenal. Since rest-time is decreased, your exercises help maintain an elevated heart rate during your entire workout. This combination of weight training and increased cardiovascular effort helps to improve overall endurance and blast high volumes of calories during your greatest exertion periods. A study done by Syracuse revealed that combo workouts tend to burn 32% more calories than traditional methods of training both during and after the workout. Also, this form of exercise often allows you to push specific muscles beyond failure, therefore, acting as a catalyst to spark new growth. Ideally, a variety of your body parts will get trained in one session, which will promote continuous growth of muscle overall.

The Benefits

For starters, you’re going to maximize your results in half the time. No one should have to spend hours slaving away at the gym unless fitness is your job. You could spend either half an hour or an hour in the gym performing combo workouts, and you’ll still peform more movements than you would with regular weight training.

You might also see your metabolism kick start itself again! This form of training is high intensity and will kick your fat-burning furnace into gear. As we mention above, you’re burning calories both during and after your workout ends; you can burn calories up to 48 hours after and that sounds pretty good to us!

We’ve also noticed that combo workouts help keep your mind focused- and you’ll have less of a chance getting bored of the same old activites. Gym boredom is an incredible killer for some and can deter you from working your hardest each time you go. Not only will you be mixing up your muscles, giving each one a chance to work, but you’ll also mix up your gym routine! The options are endless for how you combine workouts, so, no two days should ever look the same.


As you can see, the reasons to love combo exercises are infinite. We’d go off and list some of our favourites, however, we think it would be best for you to come to One Life and experience a combo workout hands-on. Give us a chance to show you the glorious results that combo training can do for you, you’ll be shocked how fast you’ll be hooked.

Contact us today and inquire about a personal trainer. We’ll offer a free consultation when you book so that you can get familiar with our process and feel comfortable about the journey you’re about to embark upon.


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