Bodybuilding Fast-Food Options

Bodybuilding Fast-Food Options

One Life Healthy Eating Options that Are Fast

They say, “Old habits die hard,” and this can be even truer when you are addicted to sugar, salt and fat. Fast-food advertisements beckon us from everywhere. TV advertisements inundate us and billboard signs take over at some point during most summer road trips. OneLife Health & Wellness in Kelowna wants you to know that it is possible to get buff off fast food! However, we are not talking about the greasy burgers and fries that first come to mind! Bodybuilding requires eating a lot of the right types of foods. Once you recognize exactly what you are craving (e.g. salt, grease, dairy, carbs, etc.) it is possible to substitute with healthy fast-food choices! Here are some of our favourite bodybuilding fast-food options:


  • Steak salad with beans and chipotle


  • Lettuce wraps with chicken, carrot and avocado or tuna


  • Hummus and homemade crackers


  • Egg white omelette with cheese, onions and peppers


  • Greek Salad with cucumber, feta, peppers and purple onion


  • Omelette with salsa mixed in


  • Bean salad with peppers, Balsamic vinegar and olive oil


  • Celery sticks with peanut butter


  • Homemade trail mix with carob chips, natural almonds and dried cranberries


Bodybuilding Fast-Food Options To Make & Take


One of the main reasons we crave fast food of the unhealthy type is due to our ravenous hunger and the convenience of drive-thru options. If you know you are heading to the beach or hitting the road, pack accordingly! Taking a moment to think about what time you usually need to eat and having it ready to go in an accessible container can save you from gorging on something greasy. Creating your favourite bodybuilding fast-food options may take some time and energy, but it is definitely worth it!


The aforementioned homemade trail mix is a great option. The raw almonds are packed with calcium and protein and the carob chips instead of chocolate are lower in fat and just as satisfying as chocolate. Combined with dried cranberries or raisins, you get tasty vitals packed with Vitamin C. Grab a cooler bag and keep some ice packs ready in the freezer or make your own with Ziplock bags filled with water to keep your wraps cool on the go! OneLife Fitness offers nutritional counselling for clients who are trying to maximize their nutrition and enhance their bodybuilding dreams.


Homemade Beef or Salmon Jerky Is Easier Than You Think!


We all know that processed meat of any kind is essentially garbage filled with cancer-causing nitrates and too much sodium. Skip the pepperoni and pre-made jerky and make your own protein-rich meat snacks instead! Grab a roast and season it well with a dry rub, garlic powder, salt and pepper, or steak spice. Use your meat slicer (an awesome investment if you will be making this a lot) and thinly slice your roast up a little thicker than sandwich meat. Throw it in the oven on 275 degrees Fahrenheit and check it every 20-30 minutes or splurge on a food dehydrator for easy convenience. The thinner the roast meat is sliced, the faster it will get crispy and delicious.


Alternatively, soak some fresh or thawed frozen salmon in a marinade with brown sugar or maple syrup, salt and pepper overnight or for up to 48 hours and then cook it the same way for melt in your mouth candied salmon. There are oodles of recipes online. Tweak your recipe as you see fit and take notes along the way to customize your creation!


Cravings? Discover Which Fast-Food Options You Desire and Why


Thankfully, once you realize exactly what you are craving, it can be easy to come up with some healthy and delicious alternatives. Did you know that celery naturally has a high sodium content? Keep some pre-cut sticks in a bowl of water in your fridge and reach for a couple of those the next time you want to devour a bag of chips. You will be satisfied with the crunch and natural salt content without feeling guilty! Honey, maple syrup and stevia are great options if you are craving a sweet dessert. Simply make a cup of herbal tea instead (apple and cinnamon, licorice or lemon ginger are great options) put some natural sweetener in to taste, and enjoy a cup after supper. You will be amazed and grateful for satisfying your sweet tooth without the excess calories.


Treating Yourself, Healthier Fast Food Options


Of course, moderation is key and having some traditional fast food on occasion shouldn’t throw your bodybuilding plans out the window. If you must treat yourself, these are some of the best fast-food options to consider if you are looking for bodybuilding’s cleanest fast-food chains and meal ideas. You need to fuel your system properly in order to enjoy your workout, feel great and get the results you deserve. Your Kelowna personal trainer has all the tips and tricks for your success! Get your butt into OneLife Fitness on Spedding Court today!


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