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Why Traditional Weight Loss Strategies Aren’t Effective

Why Traditional…

Weight loss (more specifically, shedding unwanted bodyfat) should be as simple as – eat less and move more… If only it was that simple!

The sad truth is that 9 out of 10 successful dieters will regain their weight and more, ending up heavier and unhealthier than when they started.

And as grim as that statistic is, it doesn’t begin to speak to the soul-crushing sense of defeat that comes with achieving, only to slide back and fail to maintain that hard fought goal!

But I quickly realized I was wrong.  The secret to successfully shedding those unwanted pounds and getting that body of your dreams isn’t found in a fat-burning berry from Burma, it’s in understanding and applying the skills of behaviour change!

Now, don’t get me wrong, understanding nutrition, the science of food and exercise is absolutely necessary, but it’s taking the actions we know work, consistent physical activity, a solid healthy relationship with food, and making those actions automatic, and invisible.

How Changing Your Behaviour…

The actions that lead to concrete success need to become habits for life!

Over the last 20 years of owning and operating a private exercise and weight loss studio, I’ve developed a system designed to recognize and change the behaviours necessary for permanent and sustainable weight loss!


The True Not So Secret…

If we know what to do, the why don’t we do it?  This is where the Behavioural Reboot and Vitality Overhaul (BRAVO) Formula was born.  It was created out of a personal struggle to change, plus a diverse education in engineering, human physiology, and the art of change management.  At its core, it came from a desire to help others truly conquer their goals.

The BRAVO Formula teaches the skills of change management, helping you take your desire for change and transforming it into the need to act, it’s the missing component in any physical transformation program.

Free Consultation

Decades of research, practical experience, and trial and error have gone into this stand-alone program that, on its own retails for 297.00, and if you’ve tried and failed to change your diet and exercise routine, this in depth change management program can help you build new habits and get the results you’ve been looking for.

However, as a new client to our state of the art facility, you get access the BRAVO Formula for FREE. Supplement the support and coaching of our in-house training with a program designed to help you turn your wants into concrete actions and habits necessary for success.