Couples Workout Plans That Will Improve Your Relationship

Couples Workout Plans That Will Improve Your Relationship

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Living with your significant other could be driving you (or them) insane right now, but it might also bring you closer together. Hopefully it’s the latter, but you can improve your relationship by getting fit together through couples workout plans. Plus, working out can be a fun way to challenge each other to achieve your goals.  

Whatever workout you decide to do, always start with a warm-up to loosen up your muscles. Even if you’re just doing a light routine, you’re more likely to overstrain or injure yourself if you don’t do a warm-up. It doesn’t have to be complicated either, it could just be simple stretchinga light jog, or even jumping rope. 

Couples Workout Plans: Throw Down Leg Raises 

This is an easy one to do from home and works both your core and legs. One partner should be standing straight with their legs shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. The other person should be lying face-up on the floor with their head at the foot of their partner’s shoes. 

The partner on the floor should have their hands on the other person’s ankles (for support). To perform the exercise, do a leg raise with your hips off the floorkeep your legs straight, and raise them towards your standing partner. Your partner will then push your ankles with a moderate amount of force towards the floor and the exercise repeats again. The person lifting their legs should never have their feet touch the floor while doing the leg raises. 

Seated Ball Twist 

There are plenty of core workouts perfect for couples because of how easy they are to do together. To do a seated ball twist together, use a weight, ball, or another heavy object that’s small enough to pass back and forth without the worry of damaging it.  

Sit backtoback with your partner on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Holding the ball, or weight, rotate to your left or right and pass it off to your partner who then will turn with the ball and pass it to you from the opposite side. The weight should essentially be passed in a circle between the two of you. Don’t forget to switch directions to get the full workout.  

High five pushup as couple

High Five Pushups 

Pushups are one of the most challenging workouts because you’re lifting most of your body weight on every lift. They are excellent for building muscle, especially in your chest. But pushups on their own aren’t really a couples workout plan. However, everyone enjoys a solid high five, so why not work it into the classic pushup? 

To perform a high five pushup with your partner start by facing each other head to head in push-up position. Do one push up together, and when you’re back to push-up position, balance on one hand and give your partner a high five. Repeat the push-up and do a high five with the opposite hand 

Cross Jump Lunges 

Lunges are a simple way to work your legs, plus they can be done from home without any equipment. Cross Jump Lunges are a fun way to not only combine a cardio workout with your significant other but also build your leg muscles and core. 

Stand face-to-face with your partner about half a meter away from youyou’ll want to be able to be close enough to give them an extended handshake. Start with your right foot in a lungeready position and your partner also with their right foot in a lunge-ready position. In synchronization, you and your partner should lunge deeply, jump and lunge again with the other foot and high five in the middle of the process. For example, two lunges would be lunge, jump, high-five, and into a lunge with the opposite foot. Make sure to swap hands with each lunge when you’re high-fiving 

While these are great to do together, your couples workout plan should help you both achieve your own fitness goals. Your routines don’t need to be the exact same. Work toward your own goals individually to find personal success, and work in some couples exercises to bond a little more while achieving your own goals.  



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