Did you actually get a GOOD workout?

Did you actually get a GOOD workout?


Tips & Advice from the professional personal trainers at OneLife training gym in Kelowna.

There’s a difference between a good workout and a workout where you’ve overworked yourself. But how can you tell the difference between them when both workouts make you feel like you’re dying? Ask yourself these five simple questions to decipher whether your workout was done well, or overdone.

Question 1: Are you energized or exhausted?

Exercise naturally increases dopamine in your brain providing you with the “feel good” effect. It’s a chemical in your brain that can counteract feelings of depression, sluggishness, and more. So, when you’ve had a good workout, you ultimately will feel fantastic and ready to go; you will feel completely energized. However, if you’ve worked yourself too hard at the gym, those levels tend to crash faster instead of remaining stable throughout the day. A good sign that you’re workout was too much is if you’re too tired to even go to the toilet after… Good news is, you can skip your workout tomorrow and hopefully catch up on that energy lost.

Question 2: Did you get a quality workout?

Good workouts are defined by quality, not 1 million repetitions or 20 visits to the gym in one week. When your workout suffers in quality, it directly relates to having little energy after you’ve worked yourself too hard. When your muscles start to give out at the very beginning of your workout instead of the end, it might be time to cut back on how often and how long you’re exercising. Once you’ve recovered from over-exhaustion, start easing yourself back into your workouts slowly and focusing on your movements and form. Ten perfectly formed squats will do more for you than 30 poorly formed squats during your gym time.

Question 3: Are you extra hungry, or are you put off by food?

Right after a good workout you should feel an appetite increase since your metabolism starts raving up. However, when you workout too hard you may feel like throwing up and sick which in return kills your appetite. Again, this will make you feel more exhausted since you are not feeling the fire in your body! It’s important to get the right nutrition you need when exercising, so try not to push yourself to the point of tossing your cookies.

Question 4: Do you feel challenged or do you feel like dying?

Being challenged in your workout is good, in fact, it’s great! But when you feel like passing out, and you’re seeing stars? That means you’ve gone one rep too far. Sure, you can condition yourself to take on more and over time you’ll feel less like to faint… but you must do this in steps. If you train with a personal trainer, be sure to keep open communication with them about how you’re feeling at all times (and be honest). They know how to workout out hard and can usually tell when you’re about to give out, but they aren’t mind readers.

Question 5: What does your heart rate look like?

Your heart rate is a foolproof way to measure how good your workout is. Typically, your heart rate should stay at three-fourths of your maximal heart rate over a 20-minute time span. However, make sure your heart rate is not still raised the next morning. If it is still raised, then this is a good sign you’ve overtrained.

Huff post has an excellent article explaining the calculation process of your Heart Rate Max so you can compare your current heart rate after working out.

It’s obvious overworking yourself in the gym causes a ripple effect; that’s why it’s important to pace yourself. At OneLife, we have trainers to help you get the maximum results out of your workouts, without over-doing it.

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