OneLife Fitness Show You How To Incorporate Exercise Bursts Into Your Daily Routine

OneLife Fitness Show You How To Incorporate Exercise Bursts Into Your Daily Routine

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Many people state that they simply don’t have the time to fit in an exercise routine. In fact, this is one of the most common excuses made. One Life Fitness in Kelowna wants you to embrace every moment of your day and think about exercise differently. Commit to keeping an open mind and you will be sneaking in exercise bursts throughout your day in no time!

Jog With Your Dog for Exercise

If you are already in the routine of taking Rover for a walk, why not up your cardio quotient the next time you step out? Kelowna has tons of pet-friendly activities. You can start with brisk walking and gradually move up to jogging around the block. Alternatively, sprint for a few houses and then walk at your normal pace for one or two houses, then sprint again. Your dog will think you have discovered a new fun game and you will be proud of your newfound pace. Ensure you stretch first or gradually speed up your walking prior to starting the running component and wear appropriate running shoes with adequate support.

Take the Kids Swimming

Whether it’s down to your favourite Okanagan beach or closest community pool, swimming is one of the best low impact exercises that engage all muscle groups. Have fun cooling down this summer with the kids. Try treading water while they explore the diving board or do some lap races to maximize your exercise. Better yet, have a treading water competition with your kids and pretend you are surrounded by sharks to really get your heart pumping!

Conquer Commercial Breaks

Have your yoga mat or a blanket on the floor when you watch TV and challenge yourself to exercise each time a commercial appears. Try holding plank, completing leg lifts, doing pushups or incorporate your free weights for targeting different muscle groups. See how many reps you can do before your show comes back on. Before you know it, you may decide to spend the entire half hour exercising on your mat while concentrating on your favourite sitcom!

Park As Far Away As Possible

Give up the habit of circling around for the closest parking spots and opt for the exterior perimeter instead. Walking longer distances throughout your day while at work or grocery shopping is a great way to burn extra calories. Better yet, skip the drive altogether when possible and walk to and from the store.

Park the Grocery Buggy and Use Baskets Instead

We’ve all been there…stopping to only “pick up a few groceries” and foregoing the buggy only to end up staggering up to the till with 2 overflowing baskets instead (and a bunch of funny looks from other shoppers and staff). One Life Fitness recommends trying this on a regular basis. Carrying a full load of food and beverages is a great upper body workout and you will definitely be feeling like you earned that ice cream once you carry everything back to the farthest parking spot! If shopping at night, it is always safer to request a walkout if possible…but be sure to politely decline when the store employee offers to carry one of your bags!

Creative Movement Options

Practice lunges during toothbrush and flossing time. Swish as you do some squats. Try some leg lifts to firm your gluteus the next time you are stirring supper on the stove. Noticing the stagnant times during your regular daily routine is the perfect place to inject a burst of exercise. Maybe you just need to crank the tunes and pretend they are filming “Footloose” in your living room…whatever works! The key is to have fun and stop stereotyping exercise in a negative light.

One Life Fitness Can Customize Your Wellness Routine

Not everyone is motivated to add bursts of exercise on a daily basis; although once you start and begin feeling great, it is easier than you think. If you desire a more personalized approach, we can help. Our highly experienced team can design a personal training plan that fits into your lifestyle complete with meal options if necessary. Stop by and say hi! We’re conveniently located on Spedding Court in down town Kelowna. Your fitness goals are attainable! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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