One Life Fitness: Best Exercises For Fat Loss

One Life Fitness: Best Exercises For Fat Loss

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May Long Weekend is the hallmark summer kickoff and wardrobe turnover for many people. It’s time to put away your winter wares and dust off those shorts, skirts and tank tops. If your initiation into summer clothing has already made you cringe, don’t fret. One Life Fitness has a variety of actionable exercises that are easy to fit into your lifestyle. Maximizing your work out regime can be as simple as incorporating exercise increments into your daily routine. Start parking in the nosebleeds and carry a grocery basket instead of pushing a cart. Invigorate your toothbrush routine by doing squats and lunges while brushing and flossing. Go for a jog around the neighbourhood before you sit down and watch TV after supper. Check out some of our favourite fat burning routines below.

HIIT High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training is a great way to maximize a shorter exercise routine. Keeping your heart rate elevated during the entire workout helps your body burn fat. You may enjoy the benefits of an intense workout for hours afterwards once your metabolism kicks into high gear. Enjoying shorter bursts of intense training with short rest periods provides better fat burning results. Great HIIT exercises to alternate include:


*High Knees

*Mountain Climbers

*Jumping rope

*Jump Squats

Intense Hurricane Rounds vs. Traditional Cardio

If you have 2 hours to train each day, by all means, go for it! The traditional days of spending 45 min to an hour doing straight cardio and then starting the weight component of your workout don’t mesh with many clients’ schedules. Many people prefer a brief and intense routine akin to a hurricane. Workouts range from 16 to 22 minutes and consist of 3 exercises known as rounds. Every round has a main exercise to increase your heart rate and then utilizes other exercises in between to target specific areas. Complete each round 3 times prior to moving onto the next sequence. Exercises include:

*Treadmill spurt on an incline for 25 seconds followed by 10 Pushups and 10 Kettle Ball Squats on each leg. Repeat 3 times.

*30 x Jumping Jacks, 15 x Lunges and holding Plank for 30-60 seconds. Repeat 3 times.

*Spin Bike 45 seconds high speed, 15 x Triceps Dips, 20 x Bicycles for abs. Repeat 3 times.

The Art of Tabata

Establishing a muscle building and fat burning workout to complete within 20 minutes is perfect for lunch breaks, before or after work. This regime consists of 20 seconds of intense cardio followed by 10 seconds rest. Next comes 20 seconds of high intensity strength moves, followed by 10 more seconds of rest. This system eliminates boredom by keeping short segments that showcase great results. Prepare to sweat and experience some of the longest and most fun 20-second bursts ever during this intense workout. Top Tabata exercises include:

*Lateral Lunge to Knee Drive

*Broad Jump to Fast Feet

*Mountain Climber to Single Leg Push Up

*Russian Twist

*Jump Squats

*Skater to Curtsy Lunge

Stay Hydrated and Flush Out Toxins

Ensure you have some fresh cool water during before your workout, during and afterwards. Drinking copious amounts of water after your workout can help you flush recently released toxins from your system and rehydrate. Sweating is an active part exercising releasing toxins from within. Replenishing fluids facilitates purification on a cellular level. Help flush out lactic acid build up and speed up muscle repair and recovery by ensuring you maintain adequate hydration.

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