Get Your Fitness Booty at OneLife Health & Wellness

Get Your Fitness Booty at OneLife Health & Wellness


There’s a lot of reasons people contact a fitness trainer in Kelowna for one on one fitness training. With the arrival of spring and summer around the corner, one of the top reasons is getting in shape for the warmer weather. Losing weight, toning, working on a strong core, and achieving the ultimate fitness booty are all common goals we hear at Onelife from our clients.  

We’ve got your back, Kelowna! Get your fitness booty with a fitness trainer in Kelowna at Onelife. 

Achieve Your Fitness Booty & Goals 

Start now! Achieving your fitness goals, no matter what they are, takes consistency, and long-term commitment. Lasting results come from making healthy lifestyle changes and every day is a chance to improve our activity levels, diet, sleep patterns, and stress levels. With the motivation and help of your fitness trainer in Kelowna, we can set a realistic timeline, smart goals, and keep you on track. Many clients find keeping a journal of their progress and even a food journal is helpful. It is ultra empowering when you are struggling to master the minimum amount of reps to see how quickly your muscle memory and your abilities grow.  

Fitness Booty at Onelife Health & Wellness | Kelowna

Gym Nutrition  

Achieving the ideal fitness booty is more than just regular exercise. Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle depends greatly on the nutrition we feed our body and mind. OneLife Health & Wellness warns clients to read the packaging on your food and beverages. The amount of hidden fats, sugars and salt that are lurking as preservatives and flavour enhancers is shocking. While it may seem easier to grab that protein bar and pre-packaged granola, the truth is, you may be better off making your own! 

Drink lots of water and stay hydrated before, during, and after your workout. Drinking a glass of water before you sit down to eat can also trigger your stomach/brain satiety much faster.  

Combining regular fitness routines with healthier food choices is ideal. There’s no quick fix to getting the fitness booty and body you desire, but consistent healthy choices will make the journey a lot more effective and successful over time.  

Fitness Booty Exercises 

Getting your fitness booty doesn’t just have to happen at the gym. While you’re brushing your teeth in the morning and at night, do a few squats or squat alternatives, such as lunges. Pick up an exercise ball for home to do some extra gluteus toning. Try lying on your back with your arms flat at your sides and place your heels up on the Swiss exercise ball situated close to your buttocks. Press down with your heels and lift your hips high towards the sky. Extend both legs as you slowly roll the ball away from you in a controlled manner. Squeeze your hamstring muscles and roll the ball in towards your buttocks again. Place your hips back onto the ground and repeat. During your one on one fitness training, your trainer  

One on One Fitness at Onelife 

strong fitness booty and attention to strengthening your backside has a lot of advantages. A strong base enables us to carry ourselves with better posture, recover easier and improve our overall health and fitness. Committing time to daily booty exercises over time will help you obtain noticeable results! During your one on one fitness training, your trainer will take the time to understand your fitness goals and guide you through a customized workout at OneLife Health & Wellness. There is no better time than now. Stop by and discover your favourite Kelowna gym today! 

Join our private gym in Kelowna today and let us help you obtain that fitness booty. 


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