Fitness for 40+, the Importance of Cardio

Fitness for 40+, the Importance of Cardio

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Tips & Advice from the professional personal trainers at OneLife training gym in Kelowna.

The transition from many sports experienced during our younger years might demand modification to accommodate fitness ability, often not influenced by age, but instead by limited time commitment. Established lifestyles of the 40+ athlete tends to require more quality effort verses quantity. Recognizing that one training program does not accommodate all, OneLife Health + Wellness identifies that the 40+ athlete knows their efforts at the gym need to be maximized. Whether you are a self proclaimed Rocky Balboa, or new to the mat, beginning with realistic goals with positive motives provides a baseline for reference when a work out is the last thought on your mind.

Typically, the 40+ athlete’s fitness age can be 20 years (or more) younger than their chronological age, providing a clear inspiration to become active. People with above average cardiovascular fitness generally have longer life spans than people with lower aerobic fitness, so at any specific age athletic individuals are significantly younger than those who are out of shape. A typical place to begin is the incorporation of a cardio based program. Cardiovascular exercise can be any movement that gets your heart rate up and increases blood circulation throughout the body. There are various forms and methods of performing cardio exercise – all which have specific benefits.

Improved Heart Health:
For those seeking a stronger ticker and wishing to reduce their chance of cardiovascular disease, the adaptation of cardiovascular exercise assists in conditioning the heart to pump at an accelerated and maintained rate. Cardiovascular disease generally refers to conditions that involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels that can lead to heart attack, chest pain (angina), or stroke. Other heart conditions, such as those that affect the musculature of the heart, values, or produce an arrhythmia are also considered forms of heart disease. The quick numbers on that tell us that an estimated 1.6 million Canadians are living with heart disease or the effects of a stroke and a Canadian loses their life every 7 minutes, though 80% of premature heart disease is preventable by adopting healthy behaviors.

Increased Metabolism:
Often slowly around age 30, the metabolism is the process the body uses to convert nutrients into energy. Mitochondria – the structures in the cells, begin to die off at age 40, sometimes making it feel like an uphill battle to maintain the current weight of your 30’s. To combat the loss of mitochondria, the advisement of a personal trainer educated in nutrition management can make trimming a simple 100 calories to get back into your skinny jeans, a seamless transition.

Improved Hormonal Profile and Management of Diabetes:
Okay, we’re going there…performing cardiovascular exercise can help re-align a possible hormonal imbalance. (Not that we’re saying you have one!) but one of the biggest benefits of getting your sweat on at the gym are the release of endorphins that can ease symptoms of irritability, depression, fatigue, and even food cravings. While accounting for differences between men and women, testosterone and estrogen fluctuations can begin in the 30’s, spanning into the 40’s, and beyond for both sexes. Again, quality verses quantity with low impact short bursts of physical activity can avoid increased levels of cortisol (that can be increased by over doing your workout), the pesky hormone that triggers the body into holding onto high blood sugar levels. Long term exposure to high blood sugar levels can lead to type 2 diabetes and weight gain, but regular exercise can reduce your chances.

A direct correlation with fitness lifestyle and technique can be achieved with the advisement of a personal trainer. At OneLife Fitness we love training, We’re not only athletes but business people and family members. Our diverse backgrounds assist in identifying key fitness plans for the 40+ athlete.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior craving a new challenge, or have been advised by your doctor to increase your fitness level and its your first time, let us get you sweating. 250 869 1427

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