Gym Essentials for Beginners—Everything You Need to Get Started

Gym Essentials for Beginners—Everything You Need to Get Started

Gym essentials for beginners

Whether you’re starting a new kind of workout program, signed on with a trainer, or are just working on staying physically fit, the gym can be daunting. However, with the proper preparation, you can always be ready. One of the best ways to be prepared is to bring the right things to complement your workout. We go over the gym essentials for beginners you should bring.

Gym Essentials for Beginners: A Good Gym Bag

Even minimalists benefit from a good gym bag. Why? One big reason: you don’t have to store your nasty, sweaty workout clothes in a good backpack or bag you use for work. You don’t want your bags or backpacks “entering the room” before you do after all.

You can totally go the budget route on a bag though. A simple duffel bag, small backpack, or even a grocery bag (if you’re minimal enough with your things) can all be an effective gym bag.

For consistent, regular workouts we recommend a bag that has separate storage for clean and sweaty clothes, and zipped pockets for small items like headphones or wallets.

Don’t forget about the handles though. You want a bag that’s easy to carry. Opt for something that you can carry comfortably if you plan on walking to the gym.

Young girl drinking from water bottle after gym workout

Enough Hydration

Don’t make most of your workout walks back and forth to the water fountain. You’ll probably need a water bottle that holds at least half a litre for most hour-long workouts.

Get a good water bottle that keeps your liquids cold and cool whenever you need it as well. Aluminum or steel ones are a great choice because they are easy to clean and are durable.

Clothing: Shirts, Shoes, and Shorts

While it’s easy to throw on an old t-shirt and worn-out pair of shoes, your body will thank you more if you don’t while working out.

Shoe choice especially matters since different types of shoes will cater better to different workouts. Running shoes are obviously better for running, but they can also be a good choice for other high-impact training exercises.

If you’re planning on doing a bit of everything, grab a pair of cross-trainer shoes for a “jack of all trades” shoe.

Shirts and bottoms are less critical but still matter, especially for sweat build-up. Look for shirts that are breathable like ones that have dry-weave material. Don’t wear anything that’s going to stick to you too much if it gets sweaty since your pores can get clogged from the sweat.

For bottoms or pants, most women can simply get away with a basic pair of yoga pants or athletic shorts. For guys, athletic shorts or jogger sweatpants are the best options. However, your choice of bottoms will not only depend on your workout, but also whether you’re outside or not.

Young woman practicing good hygiene after gym

Hygiene Essentials for the Gym

Your supplies and essentials for hygiene and staying clean will highly depend on how you work out. If you’re someone that goes home to change before going to the gym, you probably won’t need a change of clothes. And if you’re someone who goes home to shower after a workout then you won’t need any soap or body wash either.

However, if you do neither of those things, then adding a spare set of clothes after your workout would be a good idea. The same is true for shampoo, body wash/soap and a towel. To avoid finding your bag full of a leaky shampoo or soap, put them in a sealed plastic bag so they don’t contaminate anything else.

Music and Headphones for the Gym

Music is a great way to stay motivated throughout your workout. Set up a playlist with songs that have similar beats per minute to have a consistent rhythm to work out to.

A good set of headphones can also make all the difference. Depending on how much background noise you like, a good set of earbuds can help you stay in the zone while getting gains.

Following our above tips, you should have all the beginner workout gear you need. A good pair of workout shoes and a water bottle are probably the most important items on this list so don’t be afraid to spend a little more on those to get good-quality products for an even better workout.



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