OneLife Gym Tips for Managing the Kelowna Heat

OneLife Gym Tips for Managing the Kelowna Heat

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Gyms in Kelowna remind everyone that our bodies have to work harder to maintain an even keel during hot and humid months. Regulating body temperature is a key factor when running, hiking, biking or even walking distances in the heat. Be sure to check the weather if you are heading outside. One Life Fitness on Spedding Court invites you to join us for some a fitness consultation. We have a variety of group fitness training and personal fitness training choices. Achieve your bathing suit and health goals this year with our professional personal trainers in our fun and interactive and air conditioned facility!

Choose Your Kelowna Gym Workout Venue Wisely

Your Kelowna gym embraces the Okanagan outdoors when we are not training alongside our clients. When you can’t join us for some personal training Kelowna, head out to one of our numerous canyons, trestles’, hiking peaks or lakes for the ultimate cardio. Always travel prepared, as heat exhaustion is awful.  Try to incorporate working out along the water or do some deep yoga stretches along the beach to maximize the natural lake breeze. Swimming is an excellent all over work out that you can easily partake in offshore or at one of the city’s great indoor pools. Trail running and forest bird watching treks can provide excellent refuge from the heat.

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Hydration Essentials for Your Workout

Start hydrating a few hours ahead of your proposed workout. Drinking plenty of water prior enables your tissues and muscles the chance to rehydrate ahead of the sweaty routine to follow. You will feel better and have more stamina if you start out hydrated instead of already dehydrated. Get into the habit of never leaving the house without a large bottle of fresh, cool water (AND ice-cubes!) Tourist season is here, traffic is a nightmare and the bridge might be closed for three hours. Are you prepared to sit in the blazing heat for unexpected delays due to construction or chaos?

Okanagan hydration essentials: bring extra water, everywhere! Especially, when working out in the heat. Keep a cooler in the back of your vehicle with ice and electrolytes. Drink more than you think you should and remember, thirst often masquerades as hunger. If you feel peckish, drink a large glass of water first and then see if you are still hungry. Run in the rain and have a cool shower when you arrive home. Ensure you keep sipping water for throughout the day. Signs of dehydration include: headaches, dizzy spells and even stomach cramps. Freeze up some creative homemade popsicles for an instant refreshing treat post workout. Experiment with coconut water, flavoured water and juice bases for replenishing some vitamins and minerals while you rehydrate. Alternatively, make some tasty frozen ice cubes with your popsicle recipe and take your water to the next level.

Check Your Gym Wardrobe

Are you investing in the proper materials to help wick away moisture and allow your skin to breathe? The proper undergarments and layers can make all the difference in your comfort level during and post workout. Don’t forget your hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Have a travel bag ready with an extra towel, hair elastics and hats just in case.

Workout Timing Is Everything

Your best bet during the heat is to try and workout first thing early in the a.m. or after supper in the cool of the  evening for outdoor recreation. If you love working out on your lunch break or need a midday energy boost, head on over to One Life Fitness for some quality time. Early morning runs and evening bike rides are a great way to maintain your heart health. Take the stairs and park farther away than normal to cover some extra distance during your day. Keep fit and enjoy all the Okanagan has to offer this summer.

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