How to Ease Back into an Exercise Program After a Break

How to Ease Back into an Exercise Program After a Break

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When it comes to staying healthy, exercise should be one of the top things on your list. Exercise comes with several great benefits that can help not only better you and your body, but also your mental health. However, if you’re new to working out or have taken a significant break away from it, it can sometimes be challenging to know exactly where to start. This leads to many people rushing into workouts too quickly, which can cause injuries and can make working out seem less appealing. If you are planning to start working out, easing into an exercise program is incredibly important.

We’ve highlighted some tips and tricks to help ease you into an exercise program so you can feel confident and comfortable before, during and after your workout.

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Ease Into An Exercise Program: Set Realistic Expectations

One of the first things you should do before easing into a workout routine is to set realistic expectations for yourself. Whether you’re working out for the first time or are coming back after a break, chances are your body will need some time to adjust, and you may not be able to jump right back into where you were before you took a break. Taking the time to evaluate where you’re at with your fitness and setting realistic goals and expectations for yourself will help set you on the path to success for your workouts. If you’re coming back to working out after taking a break, start out small and work your way back to where you were before the break, but don’t be discouraged if this takes you longer than anticipated. Starting out with realistic expectations will only help to set you up for success as you move forward.

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Start Small & Work Your Way Up

In line with setting realistic expectations is starting small. If you’ve never worked out before, you can’t expect to be able to run a 5k or hold a yoga pose for an extended length of time. Easing yourself back into a workout routine means starting small and working your way up from there. It’s also important to change up your workouts so you aren’t doing the same exercises all the time. If you really enjoy cardio but don’t necessarily want to be running every day, try incorporating a HIIT workout or yoga session a few times a week to give your workouts some variety. This can also help ease you into it, as you can adjust your workouts depending on how you feel. If you’re sore from a previous workout, maybe doing some yoga is a great way to help stretch out your muscles to give them a chance to recover.

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Don’t Forget Your Warmup & Cool Down

While easing back into a workout routine, it’s essential that you don’t forget about warming up and cooling down. These are effective ways to prevent injuries and can help better prepare you both for going into and coming out of a workout. There are several ways to warm up before a workout, including walking, stretching, and jumping rope. Cooling down will help bring your heart rate down to a normal rate and can help prevent soreness and other injuries. Some easy cooldowns include slow stretching or walking, which will be easy on the body following a hard workout. Taking the time to work a warmup and cool down into your workout routine is a great way to ensure that you’re preparing your body for a workout and are giving it ample time to recover afterwards, which can help set you up for success in your entire fitness journey.

Whether you’re easing back into a workout after some time away or you’re starting to exercise for the first time, taking these tips into consideration will be a huge benefit. Not only will you be able to go into your workouts feeling prepared, but you will take the necessary steps after a workout to help avoid injury and make sure that you can be successful in all future workouts.



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