OneLife Kelowna Gives You Essential Hydration Advice

OneLife Kelowna Gives You Essential Hydration Advice

Water: Essential Hydration Advice from One Life Fitness Kelowna

Water is vital to your health and well-being. In fact, common knowledge tells us the human body can go without food for an extended period of time; however, we can’t survive more than a few days without this precious resource. Maintaining proper hydration is essential for every aspect of our bodies. Every cell in our system is mostly comprised of water and our cells can actually shrink and become dehydrated when not enough moisture is consumed. Water helps us flush out daily toxins that are a side product from metabolic processes, digestion and the onslaught of environmental toxins we are exposed to. OneLife Fitness in Kelowna reminds clients that it is vital to replace every drop of water you sweat out for maximum health and results.

Best Times to Rehydrate

For optimum health and wellbeing, it is recommended that you drink 8 glasses of water every day. If your are relying on a 1.5L water bottle, you are consuming approximately 6 cups of water and need a bit more. Starting your day with a dehydrating cup of java or caffeinated tea is the norm for millions of people on the planet. Try to consume a glass of lemon water upon waking (while your coffee is brewing) for excellent results. This boost of Vitamin C is always welcome and additionally acts as a mild liver cleanse. Lemon water can help you feel refreshed and revitalized, especially if your liver is a bit sluggish from too much wine or alcohol from the night before. Consume the majority of your water before meals to allow adequate absorption. This is also great for those with weight loss goals since your stomach will feel fuller faster when you have water prior to eating. Avoid drinking during meals as this can interrupt your digestion by interfering with your digestive juices and enzymes. Space your water consumption out through the day to achieve balanced hydration.

Transporting Nutrients and Eliminating Waste

Once water enters the stomach, it continues into the small intestine where the duodenum and jejunum absorb a significant portion. The remainder makes its way through to the colon. The water enters the bloodstream via crossing the intestinal mucous membrane. Once it makes its way to the interstitial tissues, which compose each organ, it eventually arrives in the cells. Therefore, water plays an integral role in helping your blood deliver essential nutritional components including vitamins, lipids, minerals, carbohydrates and protein components throughout your body. Waste products are eliminated via kidneys, urine, your colon, respiration and sweat via your skin. Many people who suffer from constipation are simply dehydrated. One of the easiest ways to revitalize your system is to consume more water every day.

Your Brain and Nervous System

The majority of our body is comprised of water. If you are suffering from fatigue, lack of focus, headaches, sleep problems, brain fog and experiencing memory loss from time to time, try consuming more water. In fact, those suffering from depression and anger issues report feeling calmer and happier when they are adequately hydrated. Approximately one-half of your brain’s energy is derived from water. Brain cells are said to require twice as much water as the rest of your cells in your body! 

Shocking Statistics

It is estimated that most people in the USA consume less than 32oz of water or 4 cups a day; half of the required amount your body needs to function. However, we lose approximately 80oz each day due to breathing, sweating and eliminating biological wastes. It seems that most of us are surviving in a permanently dehydrated state. If your skin has become dry and flaky, your hair and nails brittle and you find yourself easily annoyed and consistently snapping at loved ones or coworkers, it may be time to reassess your water consumption! Scientific studies show that one percent dehydration can lead to a 5 percent decrease in cognitive function…yikes! OneLife wants you to feel and look your best every minute of the day. Increasing your water quotient can be one of your best tactics to improving your overall health mentally, physically and emotionally.

OneLife Health + Wellness Loves Naturally Flavoured Water

If you need to drink more H20, consider adding fresh berries, lemons and limes, cucumber, watermelon, mint and lemon balm leaves from your garden or even pineapple rinds to your water bottle. Rehydrate while enjoying a boost of vitamins and minerals to ensure you don’t get bored. Naturally flavoured water is a great way to help kids and family members enjoy more too. Try drinking through a straw as well since this often makes us finish our beverages faster. OneLife Health + Wellness in Kelowna looks forward to hearing about your favourite flavoured water combinations the next time you are in! See you soon!

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