Ways To Keep the Whole Family Active

Ways To Keep the Whole Family Active


Setting a positive example for your kids is important. There are a variety of fun and exciting ways to keep the whole family active. One Life Health & Wellness reminds everyone that it is never too late to incorporate more healthy goals and physical activity into your life. Your kids are watching you and your behaviour whether you are aware of it or not. Are you moaning about “growing old” as you approach 40?! Are you complaining about “your aching back?” Be careful about the potentially non-positive messages you are sharing. Simple ways to increase activity include:

  • Take the stairs
  • Park far away on purpose
  • Run, hike or walk with your dog or neighbours dog if you don’t have one
  • Have jumping-jack competitions during commercial TV breaks
  • Create a reward system (like supper out) if you complete your weekly goals
  • Walk or ride a bike to school or work
  • Join a Martial Arts program
  • Play indoor soccer
  • Family ice-skating time
  • Sledding
  • Cross-country ski day
  • Down-hill ski day

Increase Your Heartrate With Your Loved Ones

Remember when the kids were little and you would play tag and chase each other around the yard? These activities can morph into family soccer games, “Monkey-in-the-Middle” and more. What sports are your kids drawn to? How can you incorporate these activities into your lifestyle? Take a family bike ride after supper or send the kids to the corner store the next time you need milk or butter. Simple daily changes can instantly boost your energy and activity levels.

Animals Provide Great Ways To Keep The Whole Family Active

Socializing your dog is just as vital as socializing your kids. Instill a level of respect and responsibility by showing your kids the rules of the road. Teaching them how to properly outfit Rover with his harness and leash and how to give accurate dog commands are lifelong skills. Feel secure walking as a family or taking a leisurely jog. Perhaps, bringing a Frisbee or ball and heading to the closest playground or dog park is more your style. In the summer, swimming with your four-legged friend can be a refreshing way for everyone to cool down and get some great cardio.


Anti-Bullying and Martial Arts

If the interest in becoming more fit is stemming from being teased or ugly bullying behaviour, Martial Arts can be a great solution. Whether you are interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Judo, Kick-boxing and Muay Thai, there are tons of options around Kelowna. This is a great way to build confidence and release stress while learning how to defend yourself. Not to mention it will definitely cause everyone to break out into a healthy sweat.

Dance Party Ways To Keep the Whole Family Active

You can set up a free, fun and fabulous dance party in the comfort of your own home or back yard. Enjoy a playlist that everyone contributes to and have fun! You can start with some light stretching and graduate to your best disco moves and hip-happy gyrations. Teach the kids your favourite line dancing moves or aerobics to really break out a sweat. Be sure to also discuss the importance of staying hydrated during physical activity. When kids learn that water helps to flush away toxins and fat and delivers a healthy, happy glow to the skin, they may be inclined to consume more. Add some drops of lemon juice or lime juice or some frozen berries to make it more exciting

One Life Health & Wellness Is Your Kelowna Gym

We encourage all facets of a healthy lifestyle. Many of our clients participate in community sports including soccer, baseball, rugby, golf, and hockey. We can deliver the personal training services you desire or join us for group fitness classes. Take advantage of our expertise with nutritional counselling services and discover your family’s new favourite meals! We are lucky to live in the gorgeous Okanagan with stunning hiking trails and so many water activities at our doorstep. There are tons of ways to keep the whole family active.

We’d love to hear about your favourite activities the next time you are in. Get started at One Life Health & Wellness today and set a great example for yourself and your family.

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