Kelowna Personal Trainers Break 7 Misconceptions About Exercise

Kelowna Personal Trainers Break 7 Misconceptions About Exercise

Kelowna Personal Trainers One Life Fitness Exercise Myths

OneLife Fitness on Spedding Court is one of the best Kelowna gyms to enhance your personal fitness training in town. Our fitness facility is committed to helping you attain the physique and health goals you desire. We offer personal fitness training and have some of the best Kelowna personal trainers around. Schedule your fitness consultation with us today and let us help you implement the fun and exciting new workout routine you have been waiting for. Our professional and friendly Kelowna personal trainers believe in educating our clients and presenting them with key tips and tricks they can incorporate at home. It is essential to dispel certain false fitness facts in order to achieve the best workout. Some of the top fitness misconceptions include:

  • Cardio is the only way to lose weight
  • Swimming is great for weight loss
  • Treadmill running puts less stress and strain on your knees
  • Yoga eliminates back pain
  • Urine colour determines dehydration levels
  • Lack of sleep doesn’t affect weight loss
  • Group fitness classes are too intense

1. Cardio is the Only Way to Lose Weight

Of course, exercise is a huge component of getting into shape and facilitating weight loss. The myth is that everything hinges on your cardio and your activity levels. It is important for diet and water consumption to be at the forefront of your day to day, along with hitting your favourite Kelowna gym. Our certified personal trainers can help you decipher which dietary aspects you may wish to temporarily put on hold until you reach your fitness goals. We have lots of delicious and healthy snacks and protein-rich shakes that we’d love to share and even offer nutritional counseling if you are looking for some inspiration.

2. Exercise Myth Busted: Swimming Is Your Best Weight Loss Activity

While hitting the lake or one of our awesome local pools is a refreshing way to have some fun, it is not going to be your best weight loss activity unless you devote hours a day to dedicated laps. While swimming is an excellent low impact exercise to enjoy, it is not necessarily going to deliver the weight loss results you are seeking if it is your sole cardio. OneLife Fitness offers a wide variety of group fitness classes to help you look great and feel fantastic! Our Kelowna personal trainers can develop a personalized workout plan to target specific areas to deliver the results you are seeking. Swimming is definitely a great addition to any healthy lifestyle; however, we encourage our clients to mix it up with other cardio activities for best results.

3. Exercise Myth Busted: Treadmills Save Your Knees

Running is fun, freeing and addictive for many of our Kelowna gym clients. However, if you think trading in the beach sand or the picturesque pavement or a treadmill will save your knees…think again. Stress and strain on knees, ankles and hips are common with any type of running. We recommend upgrading your shoes and opting for a pair of trainers that fit your feet and provide stellar support and comfort. Investing in the right type of quality sporting gear can help your body adapt and remain agile.

4. Exercise Myth Busted: Yoga Eliminates Back Pain

Exercising the lower back with deep forward bends and yoga stretches can be beneficial for certain types of back pain. Increasing your flexibility overall and improving your core abdominal muscles can help to prevent further injury. Will yoga totally eliminate your back pain? It truly depends on where your injury is. Ensure that you have your back checked out with your family doctor or chiropractor if the pain remains.

5. Exercise Myth Busted: The Colour of Your Urine Indicates Dehydration

Many have heard that darker coloured urine indicates dehydration and that a lighter, clearer, more pale shade indicates you are fully hydrated. Certain medications and even colouring agents like beet root powder can influence urinary shades. Monitor your water intake and note if you are drinking Gatorade or other sports energy drinks, you may notice some wild colour differentiation.

6. Exercise Myth Busted: Sleep Doesn’t Affect Weight Loss

While science has long stated it is unhealthy and unwise to burn the candle at both ends, it turns out, lack of sleep can be negatively impacting your weight loss strategy. Aim for a minimum of 7 hours a night to enable your muscle tissue and brain to recharge. Our Kelowna gym has all of the facts and workout sequences to deliver the results you deserve.

7. Exercise Myth Busted: Group Fitness Classes Are Too Intense

OneLife Fitness is your best bet for a Kelowna gym. Don’t let the fear of not knowing what you are doing deter you from coming out to sweat with us! Our dedicated team of personal fitness trainers can help you learn the correct lifting and exercise techniques. Our group fitness classes are fun and informative, the same as our personal fitness training options. If you have some fitness myths you want to check out or debunk, contact us today! Motivational, educational and exciting, we take fitness training to the next level. We look forward to training with you!

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