Last Ten Pounds: Kelowna Gym Bootcamp Ideas

Last Ten Pounds: Kelowna Gym Bootcamp Ideas


One Life Health & Wellness has your back Kelowna! Our team knows you can meet and exceed your exercise goals. Getting down to that final ten pounds is super exciting and rewarding. Your Kelowna gym knows that staying strong, motivated and excited to continue exercising is key. Winter provides a unique time to get to know your kettle bell indoors and to enjoy extensive workouts on the slopes. Whether you want to hit the hiking trails in knee-deep snow, or strap on some crampons to take the dog for a wintry run around the block, there are plenty of fun exercises you can add into your daily routine to maximize your results.

Upper Body Sculpting

Forego the buggy next time you go grocery shopping and opt for a basket or two instead! Your deltoids, triceps and biceps will thank you for these intensive shopping trips! Be sure not to strain your neck and feel free to add some basket-bicep curls as you wait in the checkout line. Wall pushups on your coffee break at work are a wonderful way to jazz up your tired shoulders, especially if you have been sitting at a computer all day. Triceps dips can be completed with ease if you have a sturdy coffee table or bench; however, do not try on chairs with wheels! Adding a goal of completing so many morning pushups to your routine will also help you feel energized and ready to show off your svelte upper body for that next holiday gathering! Get creative Kelowna! You don’t need the latest set of dumbbells to find tone and definition. Get busy with those 4L milk jugs and cans of tomato juice! Of course, if you desire a bit more direction, our Kelowna personal trainers are standing by to customize your perfect workout!


Hips, Butt & Thighs Workouts

Lunges, squats and fancy stretches with a towel or your favourite elastic work out bands can get your heart rate pumped in no time. Go slow and focus on your technique to get the most out of every move. Your gluteals, hamstrings, quadriceps and gastrocnemius muscles will thank you. Incorporate some free weights to work harder and keep track of your reps. Aim for completing three sets of 15 to 20 repetitions, depending on your stamina and fitness level. Adjust your reps and your weight once things become too easy. Side leg lifts, stair raises and frog hops are some fun bursts of activity you can squeeze into your residential and work routines.

Core & Back Exercises

Working your core during most of your exercise sequences will help you build stability and strength. You will notice huge improvements in your balance and your posture once your core muscle groups are accustomed to being utilized. Combining cardio with strength training will ensure you get the results you desire. Your Kelowna gym is dedicated to helping you enjoy the results you crave. Kelowna personal trainers are not all the same. Stop by One Life Health and Wellness today to discover what sets us above the crowd.

Dietary Considerations

Drink lots of water and stay hydrated this holiday season. Balancing out juicy punches, hot chocolates and any festive spirits you wish to partake in is essential. Drinking a glass of water before you sit down to eat can also trigger your stomach/brain satiety much faster. Factor in those merry delicacies and enjoy some treats this season but make sure you truly want it. You are so close to finishing up your last ten pounds bootcamp, you have the power to succeed! Starting the New Year off right with additional fitness and healthier food choices is ideal. Treat your friends and family to some personal training with our exuberant team at One Life Health & Wellness on Spedding Road in Kelowna!

One Life Health & Wellness Makes The Perfect Gift!

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your favourite fitness friend, stop by our central location! We proudly offer something for every active enthusiast, whether you are training for the next Okanagan Marathon or wish to tone up for the beach. One Life Health & Wellness is your source for Kelowna group fitness, personal training and nutrition, along with rehabilitation and more!

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