Motivation Secrets for a Successful Morning Workout

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Tips & Advice from the professional personal trainers at OneLife training gym in Kelowna.

Have you ever said to yourself, “Rise and shine early bird! Let’s get up and get moving before the sun peeks through the horizon, and we’ll start our morning right!”

And then you thought, “Nah. Back to bed it is!”

If your answer is yes, you’re currently suffering from lazy morning workout syndrome or LMWS (a term we’ve just made up now). However, not to worry… LMWS can be easily rectified and combatted with our top 5 secrets for how to get moving in the morning!

Secret #1 The Alarm Method

Are you the kind of person that hits snooze 10 times because you can’t be bothered? Not anymore! The alarm method is guaranteed to get your lazy bones up and out of bed.

Start by setting up your alarm device (ie. iPhone, old-school clock, etc) with multiple alarm times. We recommend setting them to five-minute intervals.

For example:

  • Alarm 1 – 6:20 AM
  • Alarm 2 – 6:25 AM
  • Alarm 3 – 6:30 AM
  • Etc, etc.

By setting more than one alarm, you’ll practically annoy yourself into waking up. We believe it’s completely fool proof. However, if you’re not convinced yet that this will work for you… go the extra mile (literally) and put your alarm device halfway across the room. Now, if you want to turn off the consistent beeps and buzzing you HAVE to get up to do so; and let’s face it… once you’re up, you might as well stay up.

Secret #2 Get in Gear

Ever heard of the saying “Out of sight, out of mind!”? The same goes for your workout gear. If you’re hiding your gym clothes away in the closet, you’ll be less likely to remember how committed you want to be to working out.

You can choose the extreme route and sleep in your gym clothes so that you’re ready to go the next morning, or just casually lay out your exercise gear (runners and all) in plain sight. Feel free to move a stool or chair next to your bed that you can set all of your gym gear out on. We are almost positive that if you have a blatant reminder staring you in the face, you’ll be more likely to actually hit the ground running the next morning.

Secret #3 Fuel Your Fire

Yes, you heard us correct! Fuel up your body with the things it needs to have a successful workout! This means ample sleep and good nutrition…

We know this may be asking a lot from the night owls out there, but if you plan to workout early in the morning, you really should be hitting the hay at a decent hour. Set a regular bed-time and stick to it, your body will thank you in the morning when you are feeling refreshed and revitalized as opposed to feeling like you have a sleep hangover.

Not only should you prioritize sleep, you should be prioritizing good eats too! Instead of waking up and snacking on a sugar cereal because it’s an easy breakfast, try making your morning meal the night before. Chia pudding is a great overnight prep meal, as well as frozen smoothie cups that you can blend easily in the morning. Think about it, having your fuel food ready for you when you wake up will definitely motivate you to get out of bed for a tasty treat!

Secret #4 Create a High-Energy Playlist

Sometimes… all you really need is a good beat to get you started in the morning. Collect your favourite tunes and turn them into a powerhouse playlist that will get you pumped for exercise!

However, if you don’t have the time to make your own playlist, we have a few favourite platforms that offer fantastic tracks that are at your disposal:

Secret #5 Commit and be Accountable

If all else fails, there is only one other way you can make a morning workout work for you… Post something publicly about your plans and ask everyone to keep you accountable, or message a few friends and let them know you plan on exercising the next morning. Try keeping accountable with a workout selfie; or, at least, the very least, a photo of the inside of the gym you plan on attending.

Once you commit yourself to social pressure, you’ll be ten times more likely to actually go out and “just do it”.

So, are you ready to take on the start of your day with a new perspective? If you are, why not join us at OneLife Fitness where you’ll get the motivation and support you need for a killer morning workout.

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