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Intermittent Fasting

You’ve been hearing the term “intermittent fasting” at the gym, at the grocery store and among your fitness-savvy friends. You have been wondering about the details of this latest health craze and if it can give you the energy you need while keeping your waist...

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Bodybuilding Fast-Food Options

They say, “Old habits die hard,” and this can be even truer when you are addicted to sugar, salt and fat. Fast-food advertisements beckon us from everywhere. TV advertisements inundate us and billboard signs take over at some point during most summer road trips. OneLife...

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One Life Fitness Cardio Over 40 Kelowna
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Cardio Over 40

With a large portion of Kelowna’s population falling into the “Over 40” category, it is important for people to work out safely and effectively to get the results they crave. From gym nutrition, to one on one fitness routines, or group fitness classes, One Life Health...

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