A Personal Training Guide to a Full Nutrition Overhaul

A Personal Training Guide to a Full Nutrition Overhaul

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Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle depends greatly on the nutrition we feed our body and mind. OneLife Health & Wellness warns clients to read the packaging on your food and beverages. The amount of hidden fats, sugars and salt that are lurking as preservatives and flavour enhancers is shocking. While it may seem easier to grab that protein bar and pre-packaged granola, the truth is, you may be better off making your own!

Good Riddance To Processed Garbage

Would you be shocked if you added up the caloric content and nutritional value of your favourite snacks and prepackaged meals, only to find out that you are undoing much of your hard work at the gym? Many food and beverage manufacturing companies add an assortment of low quality ingredients as fillers, offering zero nutrition. If it costs you more money, creates more environmental packaging waste and causes you to consume empty calories which equates to more treadmill time…you have to ask yourself, is it really that convenient? OneLife Fitness in Kelowna believes in empowering our clients to feel and look as healthy and radiant as possible. We know everyone is busy and baking a batch of protein bars or unbaked freezer bars may not be realistic for some. However, we love these healthy and delicious whole food recipes which are perfect for your busy lifestyle. Consider reviewing your cupboards and donating any unwanted items to the Kelowna Food Bank.

Eating Clean

If you are eliminating sugar, caffeine, dairy or grains from your diet, be patient with the process. Many clients undergo a detoxification process that can include withdrawal headaches. Your body has been digesting a variety of additives, food colorants and processed ingredients with your favourite prepackaged foods. It can be wise to let those closest to you know that you are changing things up in a more healthy and mindful way. Irritability is another common withdrawal symptom to be aware of. Keep yourself extra hydrated when you are overhauling your diet. This helps to flush out toxins, while keeping you feeling satisfied until you can find a healthy choice.

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Flavoured Water

It is easy and fun to create your own delicious flavoured water. Stay ultra hydrated during your next gym workout at OneLife Fitness on Spedding Court. Cucumber, pineapple, kiwi, strawberry, lemon, lime or orange wedges are excellent considerations to add some natural pizzazz to your hydration routine.

Excellent Protein Sources To Enhance Energy & Muscle Repair

Finding some great reusable containers that you can label is awesome for reducing your footprint and kicking excess packaging to the curb. Read the fine print on your protein bars and check the nutritional labels to determine if you are essentially eating a chocolate bar. Some of our favourite DIY on-the-go protein snack ideas include:


Almonds, cashews, walnuts, peanuts, pecans and Brazil nuts offer excellent vitamins, minerals and protein. Choose unsalted varieties. Consider nut butters to jazz up your breakfast or lunch routine.

Homemade Granola

Oats offer nervine properties that induce a sense of calm and relaxation. They are high in the B family of vitamins, ideal for energy and stress; making them a perfect base for your homemade granola. Add some unsweetened dried coconut flakes, dried cranberries and roasted quinoa for extra protein.

Homemade Beef, Deer or Salmon Jerky

If you have a meat slicer, or some excellent butcher knives that can create jerky style strips, homemade jerky is perfect for your protein pick me up or post workout snack. Experiment with garlic, herbs, honey, Worcestershire sauce, peppercorns and your favourite flavours.  Try using dry rubs for flavour and experiment with soaking brines prior to dehydrating your jerky in a food dehydrator, oven or smoker. Keep track of your recipes so that you can create a signature jerky of your very own. Perfect for travelling, this snack is excellent in our extreme temperature fluctuations.

DIY Smoothies Please

Ideal for that early morning meal, your breakfast (or lunch or supper) smoothie has the potential to invigorate you and energize you for the entire day. Consider adding some iron rich leafy greens such as spinach. Experiment with adding a raw egg and some healthy protein powder with minimal additives. Yogurt, frozen pure juices and fresh fruits and veggies and herbs such as ginger make excellent shakes. 

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Bliss Points, the Compass of Pleasure & Food Science

OneLife Health & Fitness is happy to discuss our favourite products and healthy ideas. For example, the Bliss Point is a specific amount of an ingredient such as fat, sugar or salt that optimizes palatability. There is a tremendous amount of food science, psychological studies and marketing that goes into our prepackaged foods. Stocking up on fresh fruit and veggies is definitely easier to do during our extended Okanagan growing season. We are fortunate to live in a climate where growing our own food forest, or patio garden is an option. OneLife Health & Wellness can help you meet and exceed your fitness goals. Remember…you are what you eat! We look forward to training with you soon!

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