Obstacle Race Training

Obstacle Race Training

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Obstacle race (OCR) training is in full swing during the spring and summer months. If participating in the Spartan race, The Freak’n Farmer or Tough Mudder is on your “to do” list, your Kelowna gym can help you get in the best shape of your life! These OCR events are an excellent way to physically and mentally challenge yourself. One Life Health and Wellness has the training regimens you need to kick some butt at your next competition. Your favourite Kelowna personal trainer will bring you through, kettleballs, sprinting, army crawling, climbing, jumping and carrying sandbags or medicine balls. These are all excellent tools in your workout arsenal.

Group Training Is Fun & Effective

Many of these obstacle races operate with team commitment. One Life Health & Wellness in Kelowna specializes in personal training, one-on-one, group fitness classes, meal planning and so much more! Bring your crew down and let’s customize a strategy that meets everyone’s physical goals. Working out in a group setting helps keep everyone motivated. It is harder to miss class when you feel like you are letting down your team. Regardless, if you are entering solo or with a bunch of your closest friends, our professional, friendly personal trainers can assess your needs and develop a winning strategy.

How Do You Prepare For An Obstacle Race?

It is wise to give yourself plenty of training time in order to build up endurance, strength, agility and stamina. Wrapping your head mentally around potential challenges can help them seem less foreign at the time of truth. Understanding ahead of time that you may be crawling through mud under live wires, running through fire or swimming through an icy abyss gives you a chance to face the unknown with more confidence.

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Gradually increasing your athleticism is helpful for reducing inflammation and overall muscle recovery. Creating a workout strategy that combines cardio with strength and endurance training is important. Maintaining daily hydration, especially during training is also vital to your level of fun, safety and success. Warming up and cooling down remain integral components of every workout. Obstacle race training for a minimum of 8 weeks prior is strongly encouraged. A common weekly workout breakdown is as follows:

  • Week 1 & 2: Injury Prevention & Pre-conditioning & Grip Strength
  • Week 3 & 4: Endurance & Strength Training
  • Week 5 & 6: Athletic Skill & Performance & Single Leg Training
  • Week 7 & 8: Sprinting & Power

What Should I Eat the Night Before An Obstacle Race?

Great carbohydrate options along with adequate protein are essential to give your body the energy it needs. Spaghetti and meatballs, oatmeal, quinoa, bean salad, mashed potatoes and roast beef… the options are endless. Avoid trying any new spices or foods the day prior to ensure there are no unwelcome surprises on race day. Be sure to be well hydrated in the weeks and days leading up to the race to keep your brain, muscles and skin in optimal condition.

Start Your Obstacle Race Training At One Life Fitness Today!

It is never too late to become inspired or try new things. It is never too late to transform your body, mind and soul. Visit the gym and discover firsthand what we have to offer.

Our certified personal trainers can’t wait to hear your fitness goals and customize a personalized obstacle race training strategy just for you. See you soon Kelowna!

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