The Most Important Questions to Ask a Personal Trainer

The Most Important Questions to Ask a Personal Trainer


Thinking of taking your workouts more seriously? Personal trainers are perfect for helping you stay motivated and get the best results from your workouts. To help you choose the best trainer for your needs and goals, we’ve made up a list of questions to ask a personal trainer before you sign up with them.

Questions to Ask a Personal Trainer: How Long Have You Been a Trainer?

Usually, you want someone who’s less of a fresh green sprout to the gym and more of a strong experienced oak tree. They will be able to better guide you and understand how to improve your form and adjust your workout on the fly.

Experienced trainers understand how each exercise works with each other to produce better results. They also know which exercises actually produce results for people versus ones that are all hype with no payoff.

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What’s Included as a Part of Your Gym Package?

This is probably one of the most important questions to ask a personal trainer since it will determine much of what you’re going to get out of your time with them.

Do they offer nutritional plans? How long do gym sessions last? What available time slots do they have left? These are all important questions to know the answer to. You shouldn’t expect that just because they’re a personal trainer they’ll offer everything under the sun with respect to being healthy.

Get informed and choose the package that’s right for you.

What’s Your Training Style?

Some personal trainers will bark at you like a drill sergeant, but definitely not all of them. Don’t forget, you’re paying for this service. You should know how you’re going to be helped to achieve your fitness and health goals.

If you need someone to yell at you like boot camp while working out, choose them. If you need someone who gives you words of encouragement, choose them. It’s all about finding the right fit for you.

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Do You Have Any Nutritional Credentials or Training?

Many trainers understand how to help you build muscle, but not all of them have a dedicated nutritional background or credentials.

Don’t forget, 70-80% of losing weight is actually from changing your eating habits. The other 20-30% is from exercise. If you know you have bad eating habits, or even just need some guidance, a personal trainer that understands nutrition better will be able to help you out more.

They can also potentially help you create meal plans that better complement your workouts too.

What’s Your Greatest Success Story?

Maybe they helped someone who went from obese to their perfect weight in a year. Alternatively, they might’ve helped someone finally lift more than their weight at the bench press. They may even have several stories of transformations they helped others achieved.

Listen to which kinds of transformations they helped people with. If their primary successes were diet-based, maybe a different trainer more focused on muscle would be better suited for you if that’s your goal.

Overall, if you’ve decided to get a personal trainer you’re already taken a step in the right direction since you’re taking your health seriously. And don’t forget to communicate. Clearly explain your goals to them so that they can help you achieve or even refine your goals better.

Thinking of getting a personal trainer? Contact us! Our experienced team understands how to help people of all body types with their fitness goals.

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