Resolutions vs. Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Resolutions vs. Healthy Lifestyle Changes

OneLife Best Gym In Kelowna New Year Goals

Making New Years’ resolutions for healthy fitness goals and weight loss can unintentionally pave the way for high expectations and personal letdowns if things don’t go as planned. It is easy to become motivated and create a list of goals we want to achieve everyday in the name of our health. One Life Health & Wellness in Kelowna knows that lasting results tend to come from making healthy lifestyle changes. Everyday is a chance to improve our activity levels, our diet, our sleep patterns and our stress levels. Some of the best healthy lifestyle changes you can incorporate into 2019 include:

  • Drinking More Water
  • Finding An Exercise Buddy
  • Booking Your Kelowna Personal Trainer
  • Healthy Protein & Veggie Snacks
  • Rewarding Your Accomplishments
  • Getting Up & Going To Bed Earlier
  • Improving Flexibility & Stamina

Kelowna Personal Trainers Keep You Motivated!

One of the key issues where people fall off the wagon with their New Year’s resolutions is staying motivated. It is easy to fall into hibernation mode during these darker and chillier days. Benefits of personal trainers in Kelowna include helping you customize the workout sequences you enjoy to deliver the results you crave. Sometimes, it can be tricky to align yourself with a workout buddy who is ready to train when you are. Think of your personal trainer as your personal workout guru. Ask us questions on technique, at home exercise recommendations, best stretching warm up and cool down practices and more! One Life Fitness is here to help you stay on track in the gym and at home.


2019 Exercise Goals & Results

Giving yourself a realistic timeline and setting smart goals can help you stay on track. Having unrealistic expectations or trying to lose weight for the wrong reasons can set you up for disaster. Keeping a journal of your progress and even a food journal is helpful for many clients. It is ultra empowering when you are struggling to master the minimum amount of reps to see how quickly your muscle memory and your abilities grow. Whether you leave it up to your Fitbit, your cellphone notes or hand-written memoirs, having a journal is a great way to track your progress. Rewarding yourself with a massage or spa session every time you meet your goals can help you feel fantastic! Stop by and discover why we are one of the best gyms in Kelowna!

Your Exercise Progress Report & Diary

Eliminating carbs, sugar, caffeine, grains or certain foods from your diet can leave you feeling like you have the flu, depending on how the withdrawal process goes. Tracking how you feel after meals can help you reflect on why you might have less or more energy or feel fatigue. Learning how to fine tune your body’s engine with the proper nutrition and hydration dramatically impacts your workout, muscle recovery and moods. Your journal may be private of course, or you and your workout friends can use them to motivate one another. It can be easy to be hard on ourselves, especially during plateaus or periods of low progress. However, seeing the how far you have come can help you keep striving for success. We additionally offer nutritional education to help maximize your results.


Group Fitness Classes Kelowna

We’d love to help you design an exciting workout routine that you feel pumped to complete! If getting your butt to the gym alone means you hardly come, perhaps one of our group fitness classes will do the trick! Maybe, the thought of working out alongside anyone terrifies you and is the real reason you’ve been avoiding coming down? If so, inquire today about our personal training options. We have everything you need to succeed! Stop by your favourite Kelowna gym and discover which work out plan best suits your needs. After all, helping clients set and achieve their healthy fitness goals is one of our many specialties!

We look forward to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals for 2019! Contact One Life Fitness on Spedding Court today!

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