Indoor Home Workouts for Your Next Snow Day

Indoor Home Workouts for Your Next Snow Day

Man doing workout at home during snow day

There is no question that the winter months bring shorter days, lots of snow and subzero temperatures that make leaving the house the last thing anyone wants to do. While it might be tempting to cozy up under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate on a snowy day, don’t let the season be an excuse to lose your fitness motivation. There are plenty of great workouts that you can do without even having to leave your living room that will get your body moving and blood pumping. Exercise has several benefits, not only for our bodies and overall health, but for our minds as well, so if working out is part of your daily routine, don’t let a snowy day keep you from tackling an easy at-home workout.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best at-home snow day workouts to get you moving even when the weather is not on your side.

Young woman practicing yoga at home

Roll Out Your Yoga Mat

Your snow day workout doesn’t have to be intense! Yoga can be a great way to get your body moving without having to get sweaty and exert too much energy. If you’re wanting to spend a lazy day curled up on the couch, taking some time in the morning to do some yoga can be a great way to start your snow day. Aside from being a more relaxing workout, yoga has lots of other benefits and helps reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue. It also helps improve both strength and flexibility, which makes it a great workout option if you’re looking to take it easy and not overwork your body.

If you’re wanting a yoga practice that is going to work your muscles a bit more than normal, try opting for poses and movements that focus on core strength and balance to feel more of a burn.

Woman doing HIIT workout at home


HIIT (or high-intensity-interval-training) exercises focus on alternating spurts of vigorous activity with short rest periods. The purpose of alternating between the two is to help you burn more calories in less time. The great thing about HIIT workouts is that they often require little to know equipment which makes them a great workout to do at home.

There are countless different HIIT workouts that are available online that are super easy to follow and will get your blood pumping. If you’re wanting to put together your own HIIT workout, try combining exercises like squat jumps, lunge jumps, side planks and bicycle crunches for a quick, yet effective at-home snow day workout.

Woman doing kickboxing workout at home

Lace-Up Your Boxing Gloves

Kickboxing is a great way to get in a full-body workout without having to leave your living room. Not only is it sure to get your blood pumping, but kickboxing can also be a great stress reliever that can also do wonders for your mental health. The best thing about kickboxing is that you really don’t need any equipment to get a great workout in.

If you’ve never done a kickboxing workout before, there are endless online workout videos that you can follow based on your experience level that make it super easy to get started. Simply crank up your favourite playlist and bring your attitude!

Whether you are looking for some gentle yoga to start a relaxing snow day or a kickboxing session that is going to get your blood pumping and get you motivated for a productive day at home, there are endless options when it comes to finding the perfect at-home snow day workout for you. Don’t let the winter blues put a damper on your fitness goals!



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