Staying Fit While Travelling for Work

Staying Fit While Travelling for Work

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Travelling for work is already tough. Long hours, time wasted standing in lines and don’t forget about the toll that jet lag can have on your body. Through all of this it’s not surprising that people struggle to keep a workout routine. Here are some tips to keep you focused and in shape even when you aren’t at home.

Hotel Gyms

When you are booking your hotel, make sure you choose one with a gym. This is an easy way to ensure that you have access to even a small amount of equipment. You can usually see pictures of their gym facilities online which allows you to plan a workout ahead of time. If your employer books accommodation for you, make sure to let them know you are looking for something with gym access. It is in your employers best interest to keep you healthy!

Hotel Room Workout

Many people find that using body weight exercises in the privacy of their own hotel room is the best way to ensure they fit in a workout. There are many easy routines that you can do in the comfort of your room. Try squats, push-ups, planks and jumping jacks for some added cardio.

Take advantage of your access to technology. There are lots of free resources on the internet that can give you a simple, yet effective workout. Set up your lap top or tablet on the bed and get moving!

Schedule the Time in your Itinerary

As with anything, planning is the key to success. If you make your workouts part of your travel itinerary, you are more likely to complete them. Add them into your calendar and plan accordingly. Setting alarms ahead of time for those morning workouts will help you to stay accountable and make them a priority.

Look for Studios and Classes in the Area

Almost every gym and fitness centre has drop in classes. Yoga studio just down the road? Give it a shot! This is a great chance to try something new. Try out a new workout that you have never done, maybe you’ll find something you love and can incorporate into your regular fitness routine at home.

Use Your Fitness Tracker

Your FitBit, Garmin or any other fitness tracker can serve as a great reminder of how active, or inactive you have been during the day.

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Pack Like a Pro

Make sure that you are bringing the right gear to work out with. When you arrive at your hotel and open your suitcase, your workout gear will serve as a great reminder to make your workouts a priority. Remember to bring options. If you aren’t sure what facilities are available to you, having a range of options (running shoes, swimsuit, etc.) will ensure that you have what you need to get in a sweat.

You can also bring some equipment with you. Fitness bands are easy to pack and help you get a great hotel room workout. Suspension trainers are very compact and can be set up anywhere. Don’t forget your jump rope! This is one of the easiest ways to get in some great cardio while you’re on the road.

We Can Help!

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