Gym Tips For Staying Healthy & Avoiding Germs

Gym Tips For Staying Healthy & Avoiding Germs

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  1. Spray down equipment with an antimicrobial spray.
  2. Wash your hands.
  3. Wash your gym bag.
  4. Protect open cuts.
  5. Bring your own mat.
  6. Wear flip-flops in the shower.


Working out at the gym offers amazing health benefits for your mind, body and soul. Clients enjoy releasing positive endorphins, a sense of wellbeing and a community connection, along with excellent cardiovascular aspects. One Life Fitness in Kelowna is committed to keeping our active guests as healthy and happy as possible. Unlike many fitness centres, we have an active housekeeping crew on hand to keep our gym and equipment extra spic and span. Did you know there are tons of bacteria breeding in a gym atmosphere? Thankfully, there are many precautions you can take to keep yourself safe.

Kelowna Gyms Can Be Germ Central

Dangerous skin problems from MRSA, a bacteria-resistant germ and fungi responsible for Athletes foot can be lurking on equipment, yoga mats and in the shower. The terrible Norovirus, responsible for diarrhea, vomiting and stomach pain can be left over on those treadmill handrails from a previous user. Exercise balls, treadmills, free weights and weigh machines are frequently used from the time the gym opens up until we close. Some people are so busy sweating and working out that they do not stop to blow their nose or forget their personal towel…gross but true. These bugs can cause a cold or flu, Hepatitis A, E-coli, salmonella, pseudomonas or even lead to warts, skin lesions and eye infections. It is vital to be prepared for combat when you are entering a bacteria rich atmosphere where people are sweating and exhaling profusely!

Spray It Down…Wipe…Repeat

Our antimicrobial spray bottles are strategically located throughout the gym to help keep clients and equipment germ free. Bring your own towel from home for wiping your hands and face, and use paper towel or a fresh clean gym towel to secure your piece of equipment. We request clients wipe down their machine (seats, rails, anywhere you will be in personal contact), mat or equipment before stepping onto or touching it and after they complete their reps. Even if you see the person ahead of you spray and wipe, we recommend getting into the habit of cleaning every item yourself before and after use. Sometimes clients are in a rush and possibly squeezing in a quick burst of activity during a limited workout. It can be easy to forget that one wipe down and that is all it may take if you are already slightly rundown or immunocompromised.

Protect Open Cuts Ahead Of Time

If you have any cuts, scrapes or open wounds, be sure to cover with some antibiotic cream and a Band-aid prior to entering the gym if possible. You may wish to keep some extras in your gym bag. When the skin is less than intact, your body’s defence system is not as complete and this is an easy entry point for germs and bacteria to wreak havoc.

Showers and Gym Bags

If you have time for a shower after your workout, be sure to bring some flip-flops or shower shoes from home to protect yourself further. Damp, bacteria-rich clothing is a moist breeding ground. Having a change of clothes and specific workout gear is essential for maintaining a healthy, happy vibe. Your gym bag ideally should be washed in a hot water cycle regularly at home to ensure it is not a host of the horrible. Many clients keep some antibacterial hand sanitizer in their bags as another protective measure to use pre and post workout. Plastic or vinyl gym bags offer a harder surface for bacteria to adhere to compared to canvas material or backpacks. Wiping down the interior with disinfectant wipes is a great habit to get into. If you can’t use the washing machine to clean your gym bag, consider spraying it down with a peroxide or bleach based solution and placing into the dryer once a week for 45 minutes.

Bring Your Own Mat

If stretching and yoga poses are part of your routine, bringing your own mat from home can be ideal. Be sure to use a bleached base solution ahead of time or a sixty percent alcohol disinfectant spray and let it air dry prior to rolling it up for transport. Many new materials on the market including antimicrobial mats and gloves offer antibacterial protection. You could be at high risk for catching Ringworm and other yucky things if you are sharing mats without properly disinfecting them.

If You Have Any Questions, Ask Us at OneLife!

The highly trained and professional staff at One-Life Fitness wants to help you be proactive in all aspects of your health. If you are not sure where the clean or dirty towels go, need a new spray bottle or have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly team members. We are committed to helping you enjoy the best workout atmosphere in Kelowna! See you soon!

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