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Couple celebrating after successful couples workout plans
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Couples Workout Plans That Will Improve Your Relationship

Living with your significant other could be driving you (or them) insane right now, but it might also bring you closer together. Hopefully it’s the latter, but you can improve your relationship by getting fit together through couples workout plans. Plus, working out can be a fun way to challenge each other to achieve your goals.   Whatever workout you...

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Workout Recovery: 5 Steps

Your recovery routine post-workout is just as important as the workout itself. Rest and recovery routines have a huge impact on sports performance and overall fitness gains, they also allow you to train more often and effectively. Too many people ignore this crucial aspect and...

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a woman doing post workout yoga

Post-Workout Yoga

There has been a ton of research that has gone into the benefits of post-workout yoga. Some of the benefits include:  Becoming more in touch with your body  Increased flexibility  Protection from injury  Increased quality of sleep    Cooling down after a workout is an important step to...

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Intermittent Fasting

You’ve been hearing the term “intermittent fasting” at the gym, at the grocery store and among your fitness-savvy friends. You have been wondering about the details of this latest health craze and if it can give you the energy you need while keeping your waist...

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