The Benefits of Private Personal Trainers Kelowna

The Benefits of Private Personal Trainers Kelowna


Are you feeling fall fabulous Kelowna? If not, don’t worry, OneLife Health & Fitness can help you transform your physique and lead a healthier, happier lifestyle. Our team of committed personal trainers has the knowledge, experience and desire to help you attain your goals. Key benefits of working with a personal trainer include:

  • Faster Results
  • Staying Motivated
  • Learning Proper Technique
  • Less Chance of Injury

Personal Trainers Kelowna

Whether you are preparing for one of the Okanagan’s stellar marathons, training for a New Year’s Day brisk Polar Bear dip or challenging yourself to conquer the Rattlesnake Island swim next year, we can help! Understanding your personal goals and your health history allows us to develop a customized workout unlike ever before. We can target those tricky areas and keep the motivation high. It can be tempting to follow someone’s YouTube promises and copy workouts that you enjoy; however, technique is everything. One wrong lunge with weights or incorrectly using your knees can lead to a host of detrimental side effects. Personal trainers Kelowna! This is the secret to your success.


Individualized Workout Sequences Catered To Your Needs

Perhaps, you have a nagging injury that has not fully healed. Listening to your body during the training process is essential for your recovery and your progression. While it can be tempting to jam cram so many workouts into your tight schedule, if you are not taking adequate time to rest and recharge, you are not doing yourself any favors. Your newly expanded muscle tissue will feel sore and achy as the muscle fibers essentially tear and rebuild. Caution needs to be exercised during your workouts to ensure you are not overtraining. Our committed and professional team of private personal trainers knows the signs and symptoms to look for. Be honest during your sessions to ensure we can deliver the right information.

Enhanced Sleep and Better Focus

Many of our clients are thrilled to discover a plethora of positive side effects from their personal training sessions. From feeling more energized during the day, to sleeping better at night, you will most likely develop stronger focus and better hand and eye coordination over time. It IS possible to teach ourselves new tips and tricks. You will notice that that old staircase that used to leave you winded is no longer an issue, once your stamina and cardiovascular capacity grows.


Be Patient During Your Transition

It can be easy to try and remain at full throttle, particularly when you have an event coming up that you are hoping to look and feel your best for. Be sure to give yourself a realistic time frame to achieve your goals. We will discuss your timelines and give you the best options to meet your target. Our team can help you create individual meal plans and offers nutritional counselling as well, in the event you would like to take things to the next level. Understanding how our metabolism and our dietary choices affect our end result is vital. While you may notice muscle tone developing sooner rather than later, everyone reacts differently to changes in their activity levels. Be patient with yourself and your workout partner if it takes you longer to get going than you first anticipated. This is completely normal and why the archaic saying “old habits die hard,” is so popular! One Life Fitness on Spedding Court has everything you need to achieve your goals.

Are You Ready For A Change?

We invite you to check out our stellar facility and excellent team. Stop by OneLife Fitness on Spedding Court and discover everything we have to offer. Enjoy our fresh approach to personal training. We look forward to breaking into a sweat alongside you.

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