Top 10 Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Top 10 Benefits of a Personal Trainer

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Tips & Advice from the professional personal trainers at OneLife training gym in Kelowna.

A personal trainer has many benefits. They help keep you focused, motivated, and on track to achieving whatever fitness goals you set for yourself. Personal trainers aren’t just for athletes or celebrities; anyone and everyone can benefit from the advantages of this inspiring, effective, and non-threatening one-on-one fitness partnership. Personal training is a valuable investment in your own health and well-being. In short, a personal trainer is like a secret weapon – with him or her, you can achieve anything. Here’s why.


Personal trainers are experienced and certified fitness professionals able to give you the most accurate information to help you live a healthy lifestyle. They possess all the latest information regarding health and fitness, and will inform you of the validity of the latest in dietary practices and exercise routines.


Motivation is one of the largest struggles encountered when trying to improve your fitness on your own and it is the primary advantage of personal training. Without the proper guidance, it’s easy to hit a plateau in your training routine and maybe even start skipping workouts. A personal trainer is a powerful motivational force in your routine, giving you incentive to train and encouragement to maintain.


Your personal trainer isn’t there to make you feel self-conscious; they genuinely care about building your confidence and helping you succeed. Each session you spend with your personal trainer is time when he or she can focus solely on you and your specific needs. It also keeps you committed – it’s a lot tougher to blow off a workout when someone’s expecting you!


Your needs and goals are unique, so by examining your current fitness level and diagnosing what you want to achieve through fitness, a personal trainer will devise a workout and diet plan with you and for you. They will use their experience and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t for what you want to achieve.


A personal trainer will make sure you are exercising correctly and utilizing the proper technique and form. Whether it’s building better form on your run, correcting poor posture or showing you the right way to do strength exercises, your personal trainer gives you the added confidence of knowing that you’re working out in a safe and beneficial way.


A personal trainer will show you how to use the gym equipment correctly and safely, which will reduce strain or injury from incorrect use. A personal trainer will also help you prevent injury by increasing your core strength, flexibility and balance. And in the unlikely event you do sustain an injury during your routine, your personal trainer will help you build strength and range of motion to aid in a quick, and safe, recovery.


Research shows that you will achieve better results working with a personal trainer. Time is a valuable commodity and you can’t afford to waste time doing a workout that isn’t effective. Working with a personal trainer will give you better results as he or she will work out a regime that suits your body type and build.


Personal trainers are very flexible – both physically and in their schedules. So whether it’s before or after work, mornings, evenings or weekends, you will be able to find a personal trainer to fit your schedule and utilize your exercise time effectively.


A personal trainer isn’t someone to be feared. Instead they are a coach, a motivator, and a friend to help keep you on track to achieving your fitness goals. And, like any relationship in life, it’s important to find someone you click with.


And last but certainly not least – have fun! A good personal trainer will give you the right balance of motivation, of constantly pushing you to the next level, while at the same time remembering that working out is meant to be an enjoyable experience.

At OneLife Fitness, we pass on all the benefits of our considerable expertise to you. We are Kelowna’s premier personal training company because we believe 110% in the value that we offer and our tailored approach is as unique as our clients’ needs.

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