Mud Obstacle Race Training in Kelowna

Mud Obstacle Race Training in Kelowna

One Life Mud Run Obstacle Training Packages Kelowna

One Life Fitness in Kelowna specializes in helping clients train to the max. Challenge yourself and soar to new heights of workout strategy and success. Our team is committed to helping you achieve the results you desire and we promise that you will have fun along the way. Mud Obstacle Races require an entirely different level of stamina and balance. Training is an integral part of the process to help you establish muscle memory to rely on when you need it the most. What could be more invigorating and exciting than immersing yourself in nature and getting drenched in mud with your closes friends?!

Core, Balance and Brutality

While entering a group event such as the Sun Peaks Spartan Race sounds like a blast (and it is!) training is highly recommended to properly prepare and prevent injury. Joining a team last minute can sound tempting; however, it is best if you can plan ahead and maximize your training schedule to gradually grow stronger, wiser and learn how to pace yourself for success. Our experienced trainers can help you get into the best physical and mental shape. Feel secure and help yourself enjoy the entire experience by setting a realistic training schedule prior to your mud race event.

Obstacle Courses Designed to Freak You Out

Event organizers are often trying to outdo themselves every year; dreaming up the gooiest and grossest obstacles. These courses are designed to create a memorable and exciting experience. The mental component of training for any kind of race is essential. Core workouts, cardio and strength training help to ensure you are capable of staying focused and able to regain your balance. Knowing what to expect and even practicing a good portion of the required climbs, jumps, army crawls and temperature fluctuations will provide you with the confidence you and your team need to win and stay safe in the process.

Personal Training Kelowna Mud Races Tough Mudder Spartan Beast

Strength Training, Endurance, Cardio

Outdoor racing competitions are not a fad…they are here to stay. Athletes of all lifestyles and ability levels enjoy completing these courses to prove that winners never quit and perseverance pays off. Varying your training schedule is essential to your success. Building muscle mass is important for strength training and gradually enhancing your cardio will enable you to travel farther distances and enjoy more stamina. One Life Fitness in Kelowna can help you harness the power of the great outdoors and take your weight loss and cardio goals to an entirely new level. Flex your running muscles and keep track of your distance. Research your race and see if it is 5-8km, 10-20km or more than 42km. Vary your route to include undulating hills, 400m sprinting sessions and long road worthy sessions. 

Best Leg Exercises

Our dedicated team can provide you with an intense yet enjoyable training schedule that consists of creative stretching routines, different running routes, leg curls, calf work and customized exercises targeting your glutes, hamstrings and quads. Toning your legs and strengthening your back, core and upper body will help you evenly distribute the demanding nature associated with every mud race. The goal is to prevent injury and have fun. One Life Fitness provides you with the knowledge and the power to complete these events. Regardless if this is your first mud run or you are a seasoned veteran, we are committed to helping you obtain your best time while having fun and learning lots of fun tips and tricks along the way. Schedule your personal or group training sessions with us today!

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