Training Tips You Actually Want to Hear

Training Tips You Actually Want to Hear


Tips & Advice from the professional personal trainers at OneLife training gym in Kelowna.

We understand you might not want to devote hours every evening at the gym, but you do want to strive to become stronger, fitter, leaner, and healthier. So how can you make your work outs not only effective, but efficient? We have cultivated some of our favourite training tips from a diverse range of training professionals in the hopes a handful will help you towards your fitness goals.

1) Limit your work outs to 30-40 minutes.

Despite the tendency for aspiring athletes wanting to commit to longer work outs in the hopes for better results, the effectiveness of your workout tends to diminish after the 40-minute mark. To go longer than 40 minutes the average athlete will decrease the intensity of their work out and spread the effects over a longer duration of time.

2) High Intensity workouts.

Taking notes from training tip number one, with a shorter time commitment at the gym you will be more inclined to give it your all while you are there, que high intensity workouts. Building on a solid foundation of endurance (if you’re new the gym it can take about a month), you will have the opportunity to increase the intensity of all aspects of your training in regards to cardio and weight training.

3) Protein and Hydration.

We hate to admit this, but our Mothers were right, you are what you eat. Both cardio and strength work outs require protein to add to your existing musculature. Now available in almost every form from traditional naturally occurring protein choices to shakes, getting your advised amount of protein can be easier than you think. We also highly encourage anyone training, any athlete, heck, even any couch potatoes, stay hydrated. Our bodies are composed of 73% water, to become dehydrated is an injustice not only to your training, but your overall health.

4) Really Release.

We’re going to say the word massage, and we think you’ll be thanking us. Myofascial release is a deep tissue work that can release fascial restrictions as well as trigger points, adding suppleness to your body (and it feels killer). You could do this by becoming best friends with your foam roller at the end of each work out, but we also advise using up that health care spending account and consider using massage therapy as a necessary component of training (Yep, you’re welcome.)

5) Focus on Compound Movements for Efficiency.

Compound movements such as power cleans, squats, overhead presses, and deadlifts use multiple joints at once, and what does that mean to a training athlete? It means using more muscle groups at once and makes a bicep curl look tedious and inefficient. If you’re struggling to find the best compound movements for your fitness level, contact OneLife’s personal trainers for a customized approach that will challenge you, but leave you uninjured.

6) Recovery.

It can be a challenge for a gym aficionado to put their work outs on hold, and we are here to tell you not to. Recovery time can be vastly decreased if conducted properly. The worst thing for stiff and sore muscles is to do nothing at all – but wait before you run to the free weights. The recovery process should include low impact fluid movements like scheduling walks, a 15-minute dynamic workout, or upper and lower body sled dragging variations. These low impact movements assist in increasing blood flow, a necessary action to heal muscles and properly warm them up once you get back to your regular self.

We are also advocates for mixing up your work out, variety is the spice of life and this also includes your playlist. Hitting OneLife should be a motivational experience each and every time and if you find you are getting into a rep rut, some of these training tips might help lift you from the couch and get you back to enjoying your work out thoroughly.

At OneLife Fitness in Kelowna we strive to provide an inviting and motivating training environment where you can achieve your results. Want in? Call (250) 869-1427.

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