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What do you do when you’d rather have a Netflix marathon than, ya know, the other kind? Maybe you feel like you’d rather sleep than sweat, you’re running around too busy for a run, or you are too crunched for time to do crunches. At OneLife we have devised some fool proof tactics to make sure you never miss a work out again!

Simplifying your work out can be one of the most liberating acts an over trained athlete can do. If you’re feeling short on time AND motivation, no biggie, just start with a timer. You might be thinking you only have twenty minutes, but that’s all you need! Grab your cell phone and get started with some abbreviated work outs we have grown to love!

AMRAP: As many rounds as possible
The name says it all. In the time limit you can commit to, pick 3-5 exercises and then determine the number of repetitions you can achieve and complete the mini circuit as many times as you can in the allotted time period.

AFAP: As fast as possible
Once again, the abbreviation says it call. Linking a series of exercises together with variations of cardio and strength training, complete the pseudo obstacle course in the shortest time. This tactic comes in handy when you need to complete your work out as quick as humanly possible to move onto your next scheduled appointment.

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training
Producing better results verses lengthy durations of traditional work outs, HIIT features periods of all out work verses brief moments of rest. Comparing the physiques of sprinters verses long distance runners gives us enough belief that HIIT programs not only will accommodate your tight schedule, but will also give you the results you’re after! Training intervals once per week can improve body composition along with conditioning levels while allowing you to feel like you did a ‘cheat day’ based on time spent.

Perhaps you have the time but your motivation has clocked out. OneLife has found work out routines that have helped clients maximize their commitments and ultimately results. Discussed in some of our previous articles the importance of making a public commitment to your work out, or finding a work out partner with similar fitness goals (but who is fitter than you) will make it that much more difficult to make alternate plans and will instead push you to new limits. The inclusion of a work out partner can also help promote healthy competition and push you to achieve your personal best, or provide variance in your work out routine to avoid a self made slump.

That being said keep your work outs interesting! We cannot stress this enough. Whether that takes the form of an ever changing, but always awesome playlist, or perhaps the inclusion of things you find passionate as your work out routine (we’re thinking roller derby, hula hooping, anything with vigorous activity) keep yourself active with keeping it interesting! Research has shown that listening to engaging music while you work out can distract you from discomfort and fatigue. Also, duration can be an important factor of motivation. Replace long, tedious hours of cardio with short HIIT that keeps your interest and your quads burning!

And if all else fails, you slept through your alarm approach, you bailed on your work out partner, or you are just to sick to sweat it out, take your missed work out as an opportunity for rest or active recovery. Making yourself feel terrible about missing every once (or maybe more) times in a while does not make up for lost reps but what it can do is demotivate you to get back onto your work out routine. Instead, find solace in ashtanga / vinyasa yoga, a recovery or preventative step from injury while increasing your flexibility, improving endurance, or creating a lost connection between body and mind. Always remind yourself WHY you began to work out. More than anything else we find at OneLife we all have our unique reasons and what was strong enough to make you start usually is strong enough to get you back!

We look forward to seeing you back on the mats. No judgement, just results.

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