Working Out on No Sleep–The Worst Times to Work Out  

Working Out on No Sleep–The Worst Times to Work Out  

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If you’ve been working out on no sleep, you might be wondering if it’s affecting your workout in some way. Although you might be working out hard, are you really getting the results you’d normally be getting if you had a good night’s sleep? 

Or worse, are you actually putting yourself in danger by exercising? 

Below we address legitimate times you can bail on the gym without feeling bad about it—including how a night of poor sleep affects your gains. 

You’re Working Out on No Sleep—Why Sleep Matters in Your Workout 

It turns out there are legitimate reasons you’re not seeing results while working out on no sleep. Your body heals your muscles after a workout when you’re sleeping at night to make you even stronger than before. 

If you’re not sleeping, then you’re not actually getting stronger. 

Sleep is connected to many aspects of our life and exercise is no different. So, make sure to get the sleep you need at the end of each day you’re working out to actually get those gains you’ve worked so hard for. 

You’re Overtraining 

Consistent, regular exercise is great, but only to a point. There’s a reason even professional athletes have rest days—their body needs to recover!  

When you’re overtraining you’re basically putting your body into overdrive. Yes, it can still function, but do it for too long and you’re going to damage yourself. For example, if you’re overtraining by working out on no sleep you could suffer from a poorer sleep, prevent yourself from gaining muscle, increase your appetite, and plateau your weight loss. 

Stick to a regular schedule for working out, but give yourself (and your body) the breaks it needs. 

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You’re Injured in Some Way 

This almost goes without saying, but if you’re hurt, don’t perform exercises that are going to make your injury worse. You’re only going to extend the time it takes to heal. 

Sure, your shoulder might not hurt that bad before your workout, but it’s definitely going to hurt after it if you’re putting it through its paces with different exercises. 

Take a break, step back, or at the very least only do exercises that don’t put any strain on your affected injured area to get back to your best health. 

You’re Not Addressing the Core Problem

Everyone has different places or things they like to do to come down from a rough day. The gym might be the place of your choice. 

However, for all the gains you get, if you’re not addressing the core issue in your life that’s bothering you, it’s time to take a step back and make time for you. Not your workout. Make the time to address what’s making your life problematic and then come back to the gym as your happy and content self. 

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You’re Working Out With the Wrong People 

We want to be clear: absolutely work out with people who push you to do your best in every exercise. You’ll see the best possible results and you’ll continually be motivated in all of your workouts. 

That being said, everyone is different. Many people are at different levels of their fitness journey, and that guy who only ever wants to do an arms and chest workout isn’t going to help you get those toned legs to run a marathon.  

Surround yourself with the right people who will support your fitness journey and help you achieve the results you desire. 

Not only that, but you’re also going to be more motivated and stay on track for your goals if working out with your friends makes you actually want to exercise. 

Exercise can benefit you both mentally and physically, but there are times you need to take a step back and evaluate if going to work out is actually the right choice. The aforementioned reasons are completely valid for pressing pause on your exercise routine (especially if you’re working out on no sleep) to better address the issues you’re actually facing before heading back to the gym. 



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