Personal Training Tips for Busy Kelowna Parents

Personal Training Tips for Busy Kelowna Parents

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You wake up, shower, get the kids up and dressed, make breakfast, do a load of laundry, drive the kids to school, and then hit the gym before work!? We know how busy life can be for both stay-at-home and working parents. One Life is committed to helping everyone achieve their fitness goals. Here we have included tips for working out at home, working out in the gym, and finding the motivation to make it all happen.

Working Out at Home

1. Tabata Training

Tabata training is a high intensity workout that you can do in any small space. It is usually made up of 20 seconds of one exercise that is performed at your highest intensity, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is repeated with multiple items and then repeated as a set. For example:

20 seconds mountain climbers; 10 seconds rest
20 seconds jump squats; 10 seconds rest
20 seconds jumping jacks; 10 seconds rest
20 seconds lunges; 10 seconds rest

The key here is to make sure you are performing each exercise at your maximum effort to get the most from your workout. It is all about working out harder, not longer.

2. Use the Playground

Taking the kids down to the park for some play time? This is a great time to get a workout in and make it a little more fun! You can use so many elements of the playground to help you get a workout in while your kids have a blast. Try these exercises next time you are at the playground.

3. Break Up the Workout

Maybe you can’t find 30-60 minutes straight in a day to workout, but what if you broke that down into 10 or 15 minutes sections? You could spend 10 minutes in the morning on upper body strength, 10 minutes at lunch on your lower body and 10 minutes in the evening doing some high intensity cardio. Very soon you can rack up a good 30-60 minutes of exercise without taking huge time commitments out of your day. Check out these simple exercises you can do with just a chair at home.

Working Out at the Gym

1. Make a Plan

Book it in! If you put it in your calendar, make a date with a friend or trainer, or hire the babysitter, you are much more likely to go. The best way to achieve your goals is to clear a path for your success.

2. Double Whammy

Find a gym close to your children’s activities. If you are dropping them off for an hour at soccer practice or piano lessons, why not spend that time doing something for yourself. Look up where the closest workout facilities are to your children’s activities and sign up before their first lesson. You make time for your children to do something good for themselves, why not take the same time for yourself.

3. Use a Personal Trainer

It can be hard to motivate yourself, especially when there is so much going on at home. By having a personal trainer, you make the commitment not only to yourself, but to another person. This helps to keep you accountable and makes sure that you keep your plan on track.


1. Reward

Reward yourself with something tangible. Maybe it’s a spa treatment or some alone time with your favourite book. Giving yourself something physical as a reward will be a big motivating factor and once you have done it for long enough, you may find that you no longer need the reward. The endorphins that you feel will be enough to get you up and out the door.

2. Put it Somewhere Visual

If you have a goal, put it up somewhere that you will see it everyday. Make sure that it is realistic and achievable and remind yourself each day why you are doing it. A great place to put a reminder is in your bathroom. Each morning when you are getting ready to ready to face the day you can look at your goal and start the day with focus and motivation.

3. Make a Pact

Maybe this is just signing a document with yourself, or maybe it’s a larger commitment made in front of friends and family. Either way, you are more likely to stick to your goals when there is a pledge made.

Most importantly, don’t forget that you aren’t in this alone. Whether it is your friends, family, gym or personal trainer, there are many people cheering you on and here to support you in your goals! If you are curious about our gym and the workout style that we use, come visit us today!

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