5 Quick Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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Tips & Advice from the professional personal trainers at OneLife training gym in Kelowna.

You’ve conquered summer cocktail season, you’ve made it past the Halloween sugar rush, and now you’re tackling what seems to be your toughest battle yet… the dreaded conundrum of holiday weight gain. Every single year you feel as if your hard work and determination gets flushed down the toilet (like grandma’s fruit cake) thanks to holiday parties, overtly sweet goodies, and no self-control. Well, guess what? Not this year! This year we’re laying down our hottest tips for avoiding holiday weight gain so that next time you step on the scale, it won’t look like you just turned into Santa Clause.

Tip #1 Set Realistic Goals

Try not to set yourself up for failure by saying “This holiday I want to shed some serious pounds.” Yes, that is an awesome goal, and we commend you for being a high achiever, but it is not realistic to aim for weight loss during the holiday season. You want to be able to enjoy yourself with friends and family without cursing the next day because your weight didn’t drop; instead, aim to maintain your current weight! By choosing to maintain yourself, you’ll feel less stressed (which will lead you away from emotional eating), and you will often make healthier choices (like enjoying that cookie, but not over indulging just because you’re going to “kill it at the gym” tomorrow). Trust us, if you give yourself some breathing room you are going to have a happier holiday experience.

Tip #2 Budget your calories wisely

Save your splurges for the best of the best! If you know that you have a holiday party this Friday, and there is a promise of seasonal cocktails, consider skipping out on your weekly mealtime glass of wine. Or maybe you are out for dinner, and you are positive that you want the chocolate cranberry cake for dessert, try to avoid the appetizers and choose a meal with lots of veggies and lean protein. Those who restrict themselves from ever enjoying the deliciously, decadent desserts that holiday season brings us need to quit torturing themselves! Telling yourself no, will only make you want it more, but it will be harder to prevent overindulgence if you do give in.

Tip #3 Stop Skipping Meals

Although we advise budgeting your calories wisely, we are not saying to skip out on breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that you can have 20 cookies in the evening. The worst thing someone can do is to cut out a meal because they’ll end up feeling like they’re starving (and that often leads to overeating). Fill yourself up during meal time with proteins, healthy fats, and lots of complex carbs (which supply the body with energy, other nutrients and fibre), that way you’ll feel satisfied and your blood sugar will be less likely to drop.

Tip #4 Choose Smaller Helpings

You have all probably heard the phenomenon that using a smaller plate will help you choose correct portion sizes, right? Well, it’s true! Our brain automatically associates a larger plate to food ratio as having “less food”, which makes us more likely to load up on food that we don’t need; this same philosophy goes for seasonal drinks too. Next time you sit down for dinner and drinks, use a smaller plate and a skinnier glass to ensure you’re consuming the right portions for your body.

Tip #5 Partake in Burst Training

One Life Fitness offers all sorts of training techniques, and burst training is one technique that will build muscle and burn off calories all in one go! We have personal trainers that can craft the perfect routine for you; one that will get you moving and sweating out all those toxins. Burst training works wonders as you get an awesome workout in half the time! They are 20-30 minute intense exercise sessions (mostly completed without equipment) where you “burst” for a set interval and rest for half of that, and then repeat. This kind of workout also promotes post-workout fat burning by rebooting your metabolic system so that it can burn off calories more effectively.

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We are about to launch our December promotion where any of our active gym members can bring a friend with them to One Life, for the entire month of December, for FREE. Take advantage of this opportunity and battle out the holidays together! Your friend will be able to join you in your personal training sessions and any group fitness activities that you participate in. One of the best ways to keep weight gain away is to partner up with an accountability buddy and work toward your goals side by side. So this year, why not give the gift of health and wellness and stop by One Life with a friend, today.
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By combining all of these tips, you are sure to win your combat with holiday weight gain. Through developing some of these great habits during one of the toughest times for health and wellness, you will now find it much easier to stick to your new years resolutions. We want to provide you with ample resources for success at One Life, so don’t hesitate to contact us. However, with that being said, we wish you the happiest of holidays and the best of luck in your fitness journeys!

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